Work: pay attention to presenteeism

Making extended hours , come work even sick ... In recent years, presenteeism - an excessive presence at work - is gaining ground in companies. In question: a typically French idea that the value of his work depends on the number of hours spent there. Favored by the crisis, the fear of losing one's job and the general increase in stress, presenteeism is an insidious evil, often difficult to spot, but which is a real danger for employees and .

Burnout: preventing burnout

Many consider it the professional evil of our century. And for good reason: at present, the cases of burnout, or syndrome of exhaustion related to work, continue to multiply. Catherine Vasey, a psychologist specializing in the subject, explains how to recognize them and, above all, guard against them.

How to communicate well at work

Spreading a message, knowing how to listen, defusing aggression, asserting oneself ... These are the main challenges of a good professional understanding. How to raise them? Coaching recommendations in four common situations. Cécile Guéret In the competitive world of the company, communication often aims to dominate rather than convey a message .

Management: 6 lessons of the philosophers

They invite us to know ourselves, to doubt our certainties, to love others, to have courage ... To lead and supervise a team, let's inspire philosophers! Often against the current of ideas about leadership, the thoughts of Plato, Descartes or Kant are a valuable asset to develop a real managerial philosophy and lay the foundations of a humanistic management.

To be recognized at work, a vital need

Are we eternal children in search of compliments? No. Professional recognition offers us a membership in a group, allows us to value our singularity, and helps us to give body and meaning to activities increasingly dematerialized. Hélène Fresnel "In fact, you have no skill, you're just lucky." Marc, 32, a salesman at a major European bank, initially thought he had misunderstood.

Find motivation

Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun, coach and business advisor, decrypts for us one of the thousand hazards of professional life. Laurence Lemoine Aurélie, 43, is no longer interested in her work. In the aftermath of the holidays, recovery is difficult for this sales leader specialized in hair products. The depressed Sunday night, the Monday morning torture are even worse after the holidays.

Do women work better?

They are considered more organized, more serene, less authoritarian ... Clichés or reality? Studies in support, we inspected some received ideas with Laurent Bègue, professor of social psychology. Cécile Guéret Everyone believes that girls are better in everything (except in sports). From elementary school to university, it's true, they're always more studious, more focused and more successful.

Confronting family unemployment

How to feel a "good" parent when you are unemployed? The loss of a job is a serious blow to self-esteem, but it does not stop you from educating your children and helping them build. Claude Halmos Can we be unemployed and still a good parent? The question seems absurd. Today, however, thousands of men and women are posing.

5 Signs that show you should be self-employed

Become an entrepreneur, slasheur, freelance, start-upper ... The adventure tempts you? Here are the signals that should make you think. By Fabienne Broucaret - My Happy Job "If the economic crisis has contributed to the multiplication of the self-employed, this evolution also clearly responds to a desire to break away from the links of the wage-earning and its relationship of subordination, analysis Dennis Pennel, in Working, the thirst for freedom (Eyrolles) This is the end of voluntary servitu

7 Questions to help you be happier at work

Are you happy at work? Could you be more so? At this beginning of the year, what resolutions could you take to achieve this? To find out, take the test of the Seven Dwarves Snow White, designed by Jerome Frizzera-Mogli. Shy, Atchoum, or Simplet symbolize each in their own way a facet of happiness at work.

I can not stand my plans change

When things do not go the way I programmed them, I groan, I blame everyone. Last week, for example, I realized that my colleagues had not used, as I wanted, a questionnaire that I had been slow to develop: I saw red. Like always. Likewise, if my boss asks me to change my work schedule, it makes me angry.

A job in accordance with my values ​​...

A job in accordance with my values ​​... How to choose a profession when I do not recognize myself in the values ​​of the current world? I would like to choose a profession that is related to my values, altruism and respect for the environment. But it seems to me that every job will be in the service of an employer whose slogans will be productivity, turnover and quantity.

5 Tips to Reduce Stress Before a Job Interview

Belly ball, sweaty hands, fasting heartbeat ... Hard to escape from stress before a job interview. Here is a first aid kit to stay calm before and during the interview. Margaux Rambert Thinking about what's bothering us Having a job interview with a person who has the power - or not - to assign us a job is a rarely enjoyable time.

I love my job but it destroys me

"My job is eating me up, but I would not change it for anything in the world." How much are we to make the statement of a professional life which blossoms us as much as it destroys us? And above all, can we do something to no longer suffer such a situation? by Jean-Yves Ottmann, researcher in occupational sciences, Paris Dauphine University - PSL, originally published on The Conversation Marielle is a nurse, hired, professional and goes to work every morning .

How to manage a toxic manager

Behavior does your supervisor make you feel uncomfortable, baffled, angry, or often despairing? Because of him, you feel impotent, devalued, demotivated? In her book Toxic Management , Chantal Vander Vorst, coach and trainer, profiled five types of harmful leaders. And we explain the strategy to use against them.

Work: simplex

Too much of everything! Faced with the avalanche of solicitations, meetings, emails, stress ... How not to drown in the work? By simplexing. Margaux Rambert If there is one area in which we dream of more fluidity, even a little respite, it is the job. In business, we often try to plan, streamline, plan to the maximum, hoping to make our life easier.

How to protect yourself from stress at work?

A quarter of French employees are in a state of hyperstress that puts their health at risk, reveals a recent study. How to ease the pressure, especially in a difficult economic context? By adopting some good reflexes that avoid exhaustion and give new meaning to our professional investment. Sophie Péters It is an unfortunate constant of our life at work: we are running out of time.

Fed up with my job: do I have to leave or stay?

Transportation, Chattering, Bad Faith , feeling of uselessness, bonus that I wait and that I always wait ... I'm tired of my job. The question I ask myself is simple: "Should I leave or stay?" By Jerome Frizzera-Mogli The Tug of Indecision This question, "should I leave or to stay? ", many of us ask it; it's an almost existential question to the point where the Clash - the Rock band - made it a famous song: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?

"I burned out because I did not set any limits"

I am in burn-out because I did not know me put limits. A small executive in the public service to an administrative position, I was overwhelmed by my schedules because the policy of the management is precisely not to give, to function: you are given responsibilities , you are always asked for more and "there is only"!

At work, I do as much as possible

Quality manager in a trading company, I work long hours or at least I try to do as much as possible, even if overtime is not paid. I got a promotion and got the job that I had been hoping for a while. Being responsible, even without being a manager, is a serious task. I have to prove myself and above all, ensure the work.