Anxiety, stress, hyperactivity ... healing with plants

And if plants could help us to take less medicine? This is what Dr. Laurent Chevallier defends in his latest book Fewer drugs, more plants . For him, more doubts, trust the therapeutic power of nature can reduce the option drugs, whose limits are recognized today. Demonstration with plants to discover to relieve anxiety, nervousness or hyperactivity of children.

10 Exercises to stay young in mind and body

Cultivating curiosity, openness to others, but also mental and physical flexibility ... We asked our experts their advice for keeping fit and getting full of energy. Marie-Laurence Grézaud Build projects "Developing a project and investing in it will keep your mind sharp, alert, curious, but also live and enriching relationships with others", says Béatrice Millêtre, doctor in psychology and author of Six Keys to finally feel in her place (Payot, 2014).

Being optimistic protects the body

Just as we can ruin our health by overhauling our problems, we can strengthen it by looking for happy emotions. But to generate its benefits, positive thinking requires a comprehensive work on oneself. Sylvain Michelet Who has never experienced this experience? You feel helpless, and even a bit sick, when good news, a happy event, suddenly awakens all your energy.

Endometriosis: patients face a wall of misunderstanding

Endometriosis is a debilitating and painful gynecological disease due to abnormal development of the uterine lining. It affects 180 million women worldwide, more than one in ten in France. Paradoxically, this disease is little known or even taboo in our society. How to explain it? The answers of Dr. Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, gynecologist surgeon and specialist of endometriosis at the Tenon Hospital in the Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine, who prefaced Tabua Disease o

Transit: test alternative medicines!

A fiber-reinforced diet, exercise and reconciliation with body rhythms help fight constipation day-to-day. But natural medicines can also play a key role in our intestinal well-being. Probiotics, phytotherapy, homeopathy ... How to use. Christine Baudry Micronutrition Micronutrition is a recent medical approach that aims to provide cells with the micronutrients (fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, etc.

Good sports for muscular buttocks

Our buttocks are made mainly of muscles, which is why it is essential to make them work to shape them. Here is a selection of sports activities and exercises to strengthen our sitting! Caroline Langlois We have two distinct and very complementary muscle groups. The gluteus maximus starts from the lower back and falls down on the top of the thigh.

Which sport to soothe his emotions?

A blues? Play volleyball or dance zumba! A rise of anger? Try aikido or archery! At each state of mind there is a physical activity that will help you to tame it gently. Agnès Rogelet To be moved and to move. The two verbs, from the Latin movere , "stir", remind us that an emotion is a setting in motion.

Mandalas: drawings to refocus

Stress, scattering, anxiety ... Coloring according to our desires mandalas - these diagrams representing the entire universe in the traditions Indian and Tibetan - can help us refocus. And to soothe us. The explanations of Laurence Luyé-Tanet, psychocorporal therapist and author of To relax with the mandala .

Five bath recipes to plunge into serenity

Essential oils, dried flowers, aromatic plants: once a week, make up a pleasurable bath. On the program: peace of the body and pleasure of the senses ... Flavia Mazelin Salvi To take full advantage of these few minutes of serenity, it is important to take care of the details. Light, silence, comfort.

Learning to less stress

Time is accelerating, the planet is threatened, the stock market crisis is waiting for us ... Today, more than yesterday, all the ingredients are together to bring about an increase in pressure in our daily lives already overloaded "I'm over-stressed" has become the leitmotif of many conversations. Yet, stress is part of our ancestral survival reflexes and, contrary to false beliefs, wanting to fight it or get rid of it is futile.

Blackcurrant, anti-stress fruit

Our grandmothers praised the anti-inflammatory virtues of blackcurrant, against rheumatism, for example. Today, we discover other qualities, such as helping the body adapt to stress. Where does it come from? Blackcurrant comes from the mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. If it is known since antiquity, the first to evoke its therapeutic action is Hildegarde de Bingen.

How to avoid getting cold this winter?

Every winter, it's the same thing. No sooner has this cold season begun than you have a cold. Here are seven tips for keeping fit until spring! Geoffrey Poilly for Houzz The mercury falls and we are exposed to this famous cold that forces us, like every winter, to blow our nose all day and gives us the impression of having a potato instead of the nose.

Echinacea to Boost Immunity

Pleased by herbal therapists to prevent and cure winter ailments, allied to our immune system, echinacea helps prevent excess antibiotics. Marie-Laurence Grézaud Where does it come from? From the North American continent. In traditional Native American medicine, this plant serves as an "antibiotic" remedy for wounds, infections, insect bites, snake bites.

Public speaking: 10 tricks to fight against

Ball in the belly or in the throat, slight tremors ... and, always, the famous palpitations. We all know the symptoms of stage fright. There is no very specific survey on the issue, but it is estimated that about one in two people feel this pressure regularly in a stressful situation. Antoine Pelissolo, professor of psychiatry and author of You are your best psychiatrist!

Self-massage: 3 gestures against back pain

Prolonged sitting position with curved back in front of the screen ... Our back is suffering from our sedentary lifestyle. And if, to relieve pain and stress, we relax our muscles by massaging ourselves? Practiced properly, the self-massage proves to be an ally of size against the small daily evils. Video demonstration with Sonia Petrau-Gay, masseur-kinesitherapeute at thalassotherapy of Carnac.

Take a break tisane

With a few plants and a little boiling water, you can take control of your health every day. Of course, take a break herbal tea is a little longer than a capsule, but it's so good, both in the palace for morale! Odile Chabrillac When you are not feeling well, you quickly open your medicine cabinet to swallow a drug without asking any questions.

I stop stressing!

Saying stop to stress in 21 days is possible! This is the challenge that the psychologists Silvia André and Patrick Amar offer you. A three-week program with many exercises but also clear explanations to better understand this engine that sometimes gets in our way, whitens our nights, ruins our backs and transforms any effort into Himalayan ascent.

30 Essential oils to heal body, heart and soul

Essential oils are everywhere: in pharmacies, parapharmacies or health food stores (individually or in ranges of complexes), in hairdressing salons, wellness centers or organic departments of hypermarkets, without forget in cosmetics, bath products, soaps and also ingredients for cooking. They have posted sales growth of 100% per year for five years (average observed by the main European laboratories)!

Make one's illness a personal challenge

Fifteen years ago I had three operations, treatments and eight months of hospitalization for a herniated disc. I have to live today with a sick, disabled, painful body, some parts being deprived of use and energy of life. The feeling of exclusion and the fear of being detached from society were even more difficult to bear than the illness itself.

Natural solutions to ward off anxiety attacks

From pharmaceuticals to plants to food, a review of treatments that soothe. Marie-Laurence Grézaud Beware of anxiolytics! More and more psychiatrists are interested in herbal medicine to avoid the use of anxiolytics. Especially since too many people tend to use them (especially Lexomil) as sleeping pills, self-medication, without knowing that they cause many undesirable side effects.