Discover your emotional inheritance

Fear, sadness, anger are passed from one generation to the next. Thanks to a method devised by a psychogenealogy specialist for Psychologies, make an inventory of these emotions "borrowed" from your family past and dislodge yourself from those that do not belong to you. Flavia Mazelin Salvi Every family has a history, values, and beliefs that influence the way they behave.

Why singing does good

We are from more and more people singing, not just in the privacy of our bathroom. Fancy? Not only. Singing also allows us to open up to our emotions and to express them by playing on the register of our own inner score. Marie Auffret-Pericone Would we have contracted the virus of singing? Solo in our car, in the choir of our neighborhood, on the set of the "Star Ac", with experienced teachers or friends, we are more and more numerous to love to hear and make our voices heard.

My psychiatrist and I: a singular relationship

One delivers to him his hidden side, his shadows, his crossings, his pettinesses. Man or woman, he is the one who listens without judging. Between him and his patient, a singular bond is formed and a sometimes complex relationship can be established. Decryption to navigate. Pascale Senk A friend? Certainly not.

Are we all hypnotizable?

Spectacular or medical, captive hypnosis. More and more caregivers are integrating it into their practice, with patients attempting the experiment. The point on a mysterious therapy. "A hypnotizable individual is often a hysteric, either current or in power, and always a neuropath." Georges Gilles de La Tourette and Paul Richer did not go to death in 1887, in their Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Medical Sciences.

A psychiatrist for whom and for what?

No one today can ignore this recourse. Small sorrow or deep depression, inexorably comes the moment when one wonders: "And if I went there? "But beware of the excesses, the psys are not magicians. It is in us that are the answers. Laurence Lemoine A few years ago, a landslide occurred in the Swiss Alps.

What is a bad psychiatrist?

Too familiar, contemptuous or downright hostile: these grievances come from patients who are disappointed by their therapist. What is it really? If it is difficult to assess the competence of the "good" psychiatrist, there are still signs of bad practice that do not deceive. Investigation without taboos.

5 Steps to Interpret Your Dreams

Here a method of introspection as playful as fertile, developed for Psychologies by Patrick Bertoliatti, trained in Jungian analysis and gestalt therapy. Follow the guide. Flavia Mazelin Salvi In most cultures, dreams are messages sent by ancestors, gods or the universe, which must be deciphered to better lead one's personal life or the affairs of the community to which one belongs.

Those psys who sleep with their patients

Sleep with his or her psychiatrist is a recurring fantasy in therapy. Some therapists take advantage of their position to take action and abuse their patients ... What do those who have experienced such a relationship with their therapist live? Why do patients and therapists strictly forbid sexual intercourse?

Resilience: What Neuroscience Teaches Us

By giving us new insights into the brain, neuroscience can help us rebuild after a trauma or a psychic disorder, and develop our ability to be resilient. Discover 6 lessons of experts to value daily. Lucien Fauvernier 1. Genetic determinism does not exist Decryption This is the first neuroscience teaching about our resilience capabilities: genes are not inevitable.

Knitting, new yoga

On had abandoned him, too connoted "granny". He reappears in clubs, workshops or a cup of tea. Soothing rhythm and pleasure to do, knitting is a real cure for stress. Even when we start! Christiane Ludot Flavia Mazelin Salvi Catherine, 28, knitted six scarves and two sweaters in three months. Beautiful manual performance for this creative in an advertising agency, which talks about her achievements with the pride she reserved before her professional achievements.

Cultivate silence to make peace in oneself

Visual and sound pollution, consumption frenzy, ever-increasing pace of life ... Finding an island of silence within our high-energy society seems to have become an impossible mission for most of us. But not for Kankyo Tannier! Buddhist nun and author of My cure of silence (First), she gives us her advice to reconnect with the calm and serenity offered by silence.

First session: I'm at the end of the road

Faced with the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Robert Neuburger, a reader wonders about the need to follow a psychotherapy. This month: Vanessa, 45 years old. Interviewed and summarized by Aude Mérieux Robert Neuburger: Hello Vanessa, why are you coming to consult me ​​today? Vanessa: I've had a lot of revenue for twenty-five years.

One month to be more tolerant

EXERCISE] Cultivating tolerance, listening, avoiding judgment ... A great way to be open and to improve our relationship with others. To help us, Ilios Kotsou, researcher in positive psychology, offers us a simple exercise to follow over a month. Ilios Kotsou Flavia Mazelin Salvi The differences, true sources of wealth, are also found to be the source of many frictions.

Do you know about personal development shows?

Kif factory of Florence Servant Schreiber, concerts under hypnosis ... When wellness practitioners and personal development coaches get on the stage, the theater is packed. Ready? ? Agnes Rogelet Discover a method. Try it "live", in the anonymity of a theater. Interactive shows mixing conference, practical workshop and scenic effects (projectors, giant screens, music .

One month to find inner momentum

EXERCISE] In everyday life, constraints and activities are linked at a frantic pace. Not to mention the multiple demands of our screens, attention sensors and time-consuming. To face it, to put in autopilot and "to work" instead of to live fully is a concrete risk. Ilios Kotsou, researcher in positive psychology, offers a simple exercise to follow over a month to regain control.

One month to inspire and rise

EXERCISE] Optimism works in virtuous circles. To see someone who shows altruism, kindness or generosity positively impacts our morale. Inspiring readings, good actions or beautiful encounters are all ways to help us feel good! Ilios Kotsou Flavia Mazelin Salvi To behave in a generous and selfless way is good.

Five keys to cultivating intelligent optimism

Far from the magic, intelligent optimism is a way of seeing life on the right side that is not opposed to the complexity of our psyche or reason. The psychologist and psychoanalyst Alain Braconnier proposes ways to appropriate it. Flavia Mazelin Salvi There are two kinds of mistrust in optimism. The one tinged with ironic contempt, because in our culture, intelligence and pessimism are traditionally associated.

I spend the summer with myself

Wednesday, after a more cruel household scene than the others, I felt lifted from the ground by an irrepressible need to change air. Capturing oxygen, changing familiar surroundings, taking a turn, and finally wanting good. The sun is shining for everyone. And I saw more and more clouds gathering over my head, stuck in a one-way relationship, where there is no alternation of influences.

Depression, a benefit?

Lack of self-confidence, black ideas more and more persistent , no longer want anything ... A finding to make: the depression that settles. But pride refused to see reality in the face. I wanted to get by on my own, like a big guy. It was then the great plunge, in morbid abysses. External intervention.

Re-cognize with myself

I have been separated since nine months and I live alone in my new apartment for a few months. I have two children of whom I have custody every two weeks. All situations of life seem sometimes insurmountable, I lack of autonomy and self-confidence. Yet, my friends and relatives support me. I find myself alone after twenty years of life as a couple and family life and I made that choice.