Testimony of restoration: my husband has changed a lot

This morning, I share with you the testimony of one of our sisters, connected to the prayer group of the moncouplersrelations platform. I pray that this testimony encourages all those who are in the breach for the restoration of their marriage! Jesus answered, What is impossible for men is possible to God.

Remarriage after a divorce? It's possible !

Last December, Jeffrey A. posted a wedding restoration testimonial from his parents on the Love What Matters page wall that said, "My parents have been married for over 20 years, have divorced, have had a lot of arguments, went to work on themselves, years later they started dating and yesterday it happened ... Congratulations Mom and Dad!

Testimony of restoration: I found the man I love ...

Today, I share the beautiful testimony of restoration that a sister, Claudine sent me. His testimony illustrates what we regularly share together on this platform: love is a choice, a daily decision! When the "human" love comes to die within a couple, then this couple enters one of the most exciting adventures of its existence which is to learn how to love each other's love of God.

Testimony of restoration: a transformed life

We talk a lot about wedding catering on this platform; and many believe that restoration occurs when the spouse who has been away returns or when the relationship with the spouse improves. Many see the restoration as an event. But the reality is that it's a process; a process that begins with YOU.

With God, everything is possible!

With God, everything is possible my friends! I share today the testimony of Victor, a subscriber to this blog. Victor is one of those men who have chosen to trust Christ. The crisis in his home was an opportunity for the grace of God to break out marvelously in his home.

Let's witness what God did for us ...

Our period of fasting and prayer has come to an end. Thank you to all who participated and who really took time, no matter how many days you took, to participate. Because the Word of God tells us that "those who seek it find it", I firmly believe that the Lord has acted in the lives of more than one person in more than one area of ​​his life.

The list that saved my relationship

The day finally arrived. I had stayed as long as I could in my marriage. Once my husband, Bill, left home for work, I made a bag for me and our 14 month old son, and I left our house. We lived in the same city as my parents that year.

How God delivered me from alcohol and saved my marriage

Make the Lord your delight, and He will give you what your heart desires. (Psalm 37: 4) I was born in a home where there was fear of God, but also faith in him. It has given me the privilege to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God. My parents are evangelical and I attended the Evangelical Assembly regularly with them.

And hop ... New testimonials of restoration!

Today, I share a series of short testimonials from subscribers on the blog or on YouTube. God is faithful and is at work in each of our lives. To you who are in the breach for the healing of your marriage, be powerfully strengthened. God is not a man to lie, what He has promised you, He will certainly do it.

A beautiful testimony of restoration ...

Today, I share a wonderful testimony of restoration. It is the one of Yannis Gautier who is today Pasteur, but who previously was drug dealer. God delivered him from drugs, alcohol, restored his soul from rejection, from abandonment. His family has been restored. His testimony is very strong and shows that with God, nothing is impossible.

A restored wedding

Written by Carol Heffernan Ten years ago, Art and Lysa TerKeurst were about to divorce. Since then, their marriage has been transformed. How did their couple in crisis get back together? And what practical advice could they give to other couples facing marital difficulties? "When I got married, I only thought about receiving, not giving," Lysa confessed.

Testimony: God saved my marriage and healed my son

Two years ago, I had a tumultuous life, I felt internally tortured, and yet I was looking for a peaceful life. I had everything to be happy. A family, a job, a good health. But happy, I was not. On the one hand, our couple had been struggling for a long time, while on the other, I was no longer fulfilled in my work.

George El-Khoury, The Banker of God

I share this wonderful testimony that truly built me ​​and that I believe it will do good to all those whose heart cries for a loved one who does not know God and lives a life that destroys it. This testimony will also be good for all those who expect God for the restoration of their marriage.

God delivered me alcohol and restored my home

Jealousy nearly killed me I was born in 1952 to alcoholic parents whom I hardly knew. I am the last of a family of seven children. I spent my childhood in foster homes and various homes for teenagers (DASS). At the age of 15, I found myself on a farm in Ornex where every morning I had to get up at 5:00, to take care of the cattle, and to finish my day at 19:00.

Testimonials from restored hearths

The D virus (of divorce) is spreading more and more in our societies. I have been eager to gather and translate some resources on this blog to help and encourage those who believe that God is able to act in their home, to restore it and who have therefore decided to stand firm in prayer and in their commitment.

Testimony of restoration: Today, I am happy!

Today I share with you the testimony of Celine, a sister who is in the breach for her marriage (with the prayer group of this platform). His testimony dates back to late December, but I am sure he will encourage more than one person this morning. Good reading! Testimonial of Céline It is at least 2 weeks since I told myself that I must testify of the benefits that the Lord gives me.

Testimony of restoration: the miracle happened

God is doing miracles and restoring marriages today. If you are in the breach for the restoration of your marriage, hold fast to the Word He has given you. You will see it fulfilled! For he says, and the thing happens; He orders, and she exists. (Psalms 33: 9) This morning, I share with you Benedict's testimony.