I did a survival internship in the middle of nature

To light a fire, to sleep under the stars, to fish, it is a dream of child. Our journalist realized it. In the skin of Davy Crockett, she left with the minimum vital forest, bordering the Charente. Laurence Lemoine "Just take a duvet, two blankets, a water bottle and a lighter, and we'll meet you in Angoulême.

Donation, barter, sharing: consume collaborative!

Carpooling and coworking, rental between individuals or exchange of services ... Our era, via the Internet, invites us to consume otherwise. The common point of all these approaches? Make property prevail over property - why want to own a property that is used punctually when it can be borrowed? - and (re) create the link between individuals.

Paranormal experiences: difficult to talk about

Communication with the deceased, body exits, telepathy ... It is not easy for those who live these phenomena to dare to confide without fear of being mistaken for lunatics. A group of psychologists proposes to listen to them without judging them. Sylvain Michelet Twenty years ago, after an accidental fall, I suddenly found myself out of my body, observing from the ceiling people who were busy around me.

The cat, a therapist with hair

Anti-stress caresses Purring is not the only therapeutic "function" of cats. Some do not purr. And some masters are bothered by the "buzz" too loud of their twink. "I had one, Olympe, who slept with me and purred heavily during his sleep, admits Madeleine, 60, a historian. I was very pissed off, so I gently stroked her so that I could finally fall asleep.

Café-brocante: drink a coffee and buy the decoration

Trend] Halfway between coffee and garage sales, hybrid shops are appearing everywhere in France. Places where it is possible to buy the chair on which you drink your coffee. A nice way to redo his decor. Marie-Laurence Grézaud Chiner at tea time "Here everything is for sale except Java, our daughter," says Léa Dominguez.

Recovery ': 8 deco tips to recycle wooden crates

Rather than buying new furniture, why not opt ​​for a recycled decor? Recycling wooden crates can offer you charming furniture. Isabelle Seigneur-Haurillon for Houzz Originally used to transport objects of all kinds, wooden crates lend themselves admirably to diversion and customization. DIY enthusiast, I happened to make libraries with crates.

Ideas recovered for fall decoration

Based on wood, bread apples and feathers, these recipes will easily find their place in your home. Anne-Laure Sizun for Houzz Leaves that are crowded, an apple rolling, branches torn by the wind, the season of the poets is usually melancholy. In deco, no place for boredom: you have everything at hand to create a cheerful atmosphere with shimmering colors, brown, yellow, red or, conversely, a simplicity to pale the sun and the moon.

United States: they created their mini-farm or vegetable garden in the city

Henhouses and vegetable gardens in the heart of the city ... Three urban women farmers established in California tell their story and share their tips for growing fresh and organic food ... In urban areas, but not only ! By Annie Thornton for Houzz, Photos by Lauren Edith Andersen By Lauren Edith Andersen, Photographer, Oakland - See more architectural and decorative photos Wanda Stewart, urban farmer, left Pictured here is with her neighbor Jamie Morf in front of her home in Berkeley, Californi

The decreasing ones: to be and not to have ...

Tired of the race to "always more", they chose to live better with less. A new ethics of life that they put into action on a daily basis. Testimonials. Christilla Pellé-Douël Let them be called "descending", "cultural creatives", "consum'actors", that we put the movement in a drawer called "voluntary simplicity" or "downshifting", It does not matter .

Cultivate your inner garden

Our grandmother no longer has the monopoly of the ficus! To create a composition of succulents or to learn "air planting", let yourself be guided and, you will see, the grass will be greener at home. Josephine Lebard The "air planting": a garden suspended from the ceiling The philosophy: no need to languish in Babylon to taste the charms of the hanging gardens.

Too well in my bubble of glass

"I regularly practice meditation One day, during an introspection, I visualized the house of my dreams: round, glazed, with a mezzanine ... in short a bubble of light. My daughters m ' then learn that a website offers exactly the house I describe them: the "contemporary yurt" I contact the company and the following week, I visit the only contemporary yurt in France.

Peter Wohlleben: Trees are green elephants

Like the pachyderms, they have memory and are able to learn! Communicating with each other, they take care of their family and friends, says Peter Wohlleben in his bestseller, "The Secret Life of Trees". Meeting with a ranger who lends an intelligence to plants. Interview by Anne Laure Gannac Psychologies: You've been working with trees for decades, have you always considered them sensitive and social?

Marie Romanens: "We can not deny our animal part"

Created in the United States thirty years ago at the same time as a new green awareness emerges, the ecopsychology is interested in the relations we have with nature. Between our animal part and our human specificity, between the excesses of predation and those of decay, it helps us to find a new balance.

We can evolve side by side

How to mobilize today for biodiversity? Perhaps realizing that our species is not as far removed from others as one might think and that a common evolution is possible. Christian Lévêque, researcher and author of Everyday Biodiversity (Ed. Quae, 2009) reviews this animal community of which we are part.

Pierre Rabhi, pioneer philosopher of the return to the earth

Farmer, philosopher, politician, writer, Pierre Rabhi has dedicated his life to the fight against desertification and malnutrition. His message: put nature and the human at the heart of our concerns. Catherine Maillard He is becoming the thinker of reference for the followers of the ecology, the partisans of the degrowth and the sympathizers of the altermondialisme.

Danger on the air

We do not do not see, we do not hear them, we do not feel them. Yet electromagnetic waves are everywhere and can be dangerous. So, let's find out where they are hiding and how to fight their harmful effects. Remembering that they are also a promise for future medicine. Karine Papillaud Electromagnetic waves surround us.

How to live serenely in a world where everything goes wrong?

How to live serenely in a world where everything goes wrong? This is the question I ask each morning when I wake up when I feel the sick universe weigh on my life like a lid. We are told to "enjoy the moment", that it would be the right attitude to have to know happiness. But at the same time, we are constantly concerned for our future: the planet is in danger, our living conditions and those of our children are deteriorating, the purchasing power is in free fall .

Christmas makes me sad

Every year, it's the same: Illuminations in the streets, garlands and Santa Claus on the frontages of houses and toys in the stores are plunging my spirits. It's not so much that I do not like Christmas, as some like to say, it's just that this holiday makes me deeply sad. As a single child raised by unique children, I lived only for Christmas when, around the table, there were only my parents, my grandparents and great-grandparents and some grand-uncles and great-aunts.

Diet: what if we bought differently?

We sometimes seek to embark on the path of ecology and solidarity without knowing where to start. However, it is enough to make your market, to become a member of an AMAP or to stock up on the farm during a gathering to make a first for the planet and the others. The explanation: the short circuits, modes of consumption putting in direct relationship the producers and the consumers, without going through the supermarkets, allow us to support the farmers, to lighten the ecological footprint of ou

Expert debate: for or against GMOs?

It It is not surprising that GMOs arouse so many questions among us ... The scientific community itself is unable to agree on the subject. Marc Fellous, doctor, and Gilles-Eric Séralini, researcher, two experts with very clear opinions, come back on these organisms and their impacts on our health and our environment.