Polygamy - Can a Christian take a second wife?

Here is a question I have received many times: Can a Christian have two women at a time under one roof? Can a Christian take a second wife? How many women does a man have the right to take? Basically, what does the Bible say about polygamy? Some people rely on the model of the Old Testament men of God to say that God approves of polygamy and that man has the right to take as many women as he wishes.

Do not give Satan access to your home!

The thief only comes to steal, slaughter and destroy; I came so that the sheep have life, and that they are in abundance. (John 10:10) Since we have been in Christ, we have changed kingdom. A new owner is in the place, Christ. We are children of God and the Devil is illegal in our lives ... He knows it ... That's why when he attacks our lives, he comes as a thief.

Invest in your family today!

If anyone does not care for his family, and especially those of his family, he has denied faith, and he is worse than an infidel. (1 Tim 5: 8) One of the lies that the enemy makes us believe is that we have time; that we can make bad choices today, saying, "I'm going to catch up with you". The truth is that even if God restores lost years, there are things that we will never be able to catch up with, things that will never be the same again.

How to Have a Happy Home?

Reading the following verses really marked me. If Paul speaks to the Ephesians about relationships between brothers in the faith, I truly believe that these verses apply to the Christian couple, to the Christian home. If in our families, husbands and wives applied to practice these principles, I really believe that many couples would live in peace and that the rate of divorce in the Christian community would decrease!

Your story is written by God ...

This is true, provided of course that we deliberately make the choice to follow Him, to listen to His advice! Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your wisdom; Recognize him in all your ways, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3: 5-6) As long as God has not put a point, it's not over, everything can still happen!

To be faithful to one's husband

Fidelity in marriage involves more than just sexual fidelity !!! Being faithful in marriage is actually giving more space in your life to the health, happiness, safety and well-being of your spouse than anything else, except of course your personal relationship with the family. Lord.

I need your help in my marriage

I will take care in the right way. When will you come to me? I will walk in the integrity of my heart, in the middle of my house. Psalm 101: 2 At the wedding ceremony, after the exchange of vows, the man of God declares solemnly and respectfully: "What God has united, let man not separate him.

My husband never made me happy and he does not make me happy ...

I share today a thought that I read on a Facebook profile of a friend, which reflects what we often share on this platform: Never make anyone or anything idol. In reality, no one has the power to make you unhappy and / or miserable. Basically, we experience happiness according to the decisions, the choices we make every day: the choice to love, the choice to forgive, ... in short, the choice to obey the divine principles (Ps 1: 1 -3), to the spiritual laws that God has established.

How to maintain harmony in my relationship?

It is a spiritual principle that is true in relationships in general and especially in the couple. In order to win today's and tomorrow's battles in your relationship, in your home, to maintain harmony you have to look away from what happened yesterday. You can not change your past, so do not live in it.

Invest in your wedding!

An inheritance promptly acquired from the beginning will not be blessed when the end comes. (Proverbs 20:21) We are in the generation at all, right away. We want everything without effort, without investment, without sacrifice. Everything has become instant, fast, ready to use ... Our generation has become impatient and does not support the processes.

I'm afraid my man is abandoning me ...

I often receive emails from single women who agree to have toxic relationships, complicated because they are afraid of being abandoned, abandoned by the man they love. And I want to talk about it today. People who experience the fear of abandonment in relationships are often people who have been rejected (abandoned, left, neglected ... neglected) by a person who has chosen to desert (a loved one: father, mother, friend, etc.).

Do not envy other couples, take care of what God has given you

Many people are unhappy in their lives, in their marriage because of the comparison. They can not discern the graces God has given them. They do not appreciate what they have. They constantly compare themselves to others. They compare their body, their talents, their character, their work, the property they own, their spouse, their children, their ministry to what others have.

Your happiness depends on what you think

Hollywood makes you believe that happiness comes from being in a relationship or being married; and often portrays the "ideal family" in the movies. As a result, many women feel unhappy because they have no one in their lives or because they are not married. It is as if their happiness and fulfillment were related to being married.

Marriage: contract or alliance?

Is marriage a contract or an alliance? The main reason marriage is important to God is because it is part of the plan he has drawn to show the world an image of his love for humanity. Marriage is the means by which married couples demonstrate their love for God.

Choose your husband: Give your treasure to a man who is trustworthy!

I am shocked by what I often read on social networks. Too many women are naïve and self-indulgent, trusting and giving themselves intimately to a man who has nothing to do with them. After, the whole ends with regrets, a broken heart, emotional wounds; and sometimes more important consequences: a child they will have to raise alone, financial and social difficulties, an STD, etc.