9 Misconceptions about vegetarianism

The veggie subject can be angry! Vegetarians know this well: it's hard to escape people's comments about their diet. Behind these reflections, sometimes comical, sometimes annoying, hides many received ideas. Back on nine of them with Elodie Vieille-Blanchard, president of the vegetarian association of France.

3 Weeks to become vegetarian

You want to eat a vegetarian diet but you feel lost and do not know how to do it? Do not panic! Here is a progressive program developed with Emeline Bacot, dietician-nutritionist, to vegetate your plate. Mathieu Blard A week to discover a more vegetal diet To change the plate at home For some time now, you have been thinking of becoming a vegetarian, like 10% of French people.

Paleo diet: eating like our ancestors

Returning to the food of our Paleolithic ancestors - suppressing sweet foods, cereals, dairy products and all processed products - would treat certain cardiovascular, chronic or autoimmune diseases and hunt the extra pounds. A diet that undermines our eating habits and the current major dietary principles.

The secrets of a pleasure breakfast

Morning in a hurry or morning sorrow, in any case, the first to drink is the breakfast. Yet, it has more than just nutrients to bring us. It is also an unsuspected source of well-being, especially if it is shared. Discover how to make breakfast a privileged moment with a high content of pleasure. The key foods of the wellness breakfast Notice to those who get up hungry, you are in the right tempo.

Eating Well for Healthy Aging

Aging in good shape, it's possible! Provided in particular to favor certain foods and to ban the processed products of our plates. Explanations and advice from a doctor. Mathieu Blard The inhabitants of Okinawa? They are three times more likely to become a hundred years old than the French! Their secret?

3 Superfoods to replenish energy

Fresh pollen, essene bread and clarified butter: as a cure or consumed regularly, these three superfoods will help you avoid fatigue! Marie-Laurence Grézaud Fresh pollen Like other products in the hive, it's the perfect companion if a diet goes down. It is rich in protein, iron, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C, E.

Gluttony: stop feeling guilty!

Yes, be greedy and serene, that can be learned. Even if the current speech that demonizes fat and sweet does not make it easy. Practical work with psychiatrist Gérard Apfeldorfer, around six beliefs that bar us access to pleasure. Flavia Mazelin Salvi She slowly savored a chocolate fondant, a fondant she really wanted and that she savored with every bite, without a gram of guilt coming to parasitize this moment 100% pleasure.

The drug would not be it not primarily a marketing concept?

The drug would not be it not primarily a marketing concept? Do nutraceuticals have a real effect on health? - Psychologies. com you answered On the medical level, there is no food, natural or reworked, which, "taken in isolation, would have a therapeutic action on the evolution or the occurrence of a disease", explains the Dr.

They are vegans

Often considered a fashion, Veganism is above all a way of life, a philosophy. Five vegans tell their daily lives and why they refuse the animal exploitation in all its forms. Mathieu Blard Margaux Rambert "I regret not having become a vegan before the birth of my son" Claire, 40 For a long time, I was a great "viandarde".

These foods that boost the brain

Intelligence and memory do not only feed on education or training, but on the plate that plays a role in brain health . If a balanced diet is the keystone, optimizing some of our contributions can affect our intellectual functions and our ability to learn. Catherine Chegrani-Conan, dietician, draws up the panorama of foods to promote to boost our brain.

I'm bored, so I eat. Why?

I'm bored, so I eat. Why? As soon as I get bored or do not know what to do, I eat. I am currently on vacation and get up every 15 minutes, go to the kitchen, open the fridge or cupboard and come back to the living room with a square of chocolate, a yogurt, a piece of cheese or the remains of spaghetti .

I want to lose weight, I can not do it ...

I want to lose weight, I can not do it ... I've always been a bit wrapped up and I've always tried dieting. I saw a therapist, I understand why I eat, I understand how I work and yet I still can not react, to lose weight. I really want to lose weight and I do not understand why I can not do it. Isabelle, 32 years old Gérard Apfeldorfer Psychiatrist and psychotherapist answers It is true that the weight problems are particularly confusing: we have dissociated with his psychotherapist the psycholo

I fill myself with food

I am neither really bulimic nor anorexic. What is certain is that I am obsessed with food, it haunts me. It feeds me, literally and figuratively, and destroys me at the same time. I am nothing without, but I can not say that it helps me a lot. I kind of have bouts of "cravings" bulimic, more or less daily, even if I happen to control myself and reduce the rations.

My life was only control of my diet

For many years, my life was only a control of my diet, and very quickly mental slavery with characteristic obsessions such as "absolute rejection of fats and sugar", "feed me as little as possible" and "spend myself constantly to lose these pernicious calories ". Thanks to this assiduous war, I managed to re-carve my body.

Diets of all kinds

Summer is getting closer fast and with him a slew of diets of all kinds (high protein, low carb, glycemic, vegetarian ...). Certainly, we all dream of leaving in the closet the 2 or 3 kilos stored during the winter. But these "miracle diets" open the way to deprivation and the vain illusion of total control of one's body.

The virtues of the raw

At a time when nutrition must rhyme with prevention, the dilemma arises: raw or cooked? While food lovers preach in favor of the raw, traditional gourmets are still addicted to sauce stew well ... Why, how and what to eat raw? The point on this vitaminized cuisine to adopt ... if you wish. By Odile Chabrillac File summary Why succumb to the raw?

Gluten-free life

Digestive discomfort, nagging fatigue, unexplained blues or even daily pain ... From doctor to doctor, examinations to exams, the verdict ends up falling: gluten intolerance, also known as name of celiac disease. There is no medicine to cure this more and more common disease, but one solution: the eviction, often for life, of wheat, barley and rye, in all their forms.

To be or not to be vegetarian

For health reasons, for the sake of the animals, for the sake of the environment or simply for taste: every year people decide to make a cross on meat, or even any product of animal origin. At risk of deficiencies? Not necessarily if we respect a few rules. Moreover, we would do well to be inspired by the vegetarian diet to reduce our consumption of meat.

The dissociated diet

Eat almost everything, but not at the same time. This is the principle of dissociated diets, which is particularly similar to that of high protein diets with a focus on a single type of food. Steak at will: yes. Fries at will: yes. But no steak-fries ... Christelle Mosca The principle To lose weight, we should avoid mixing certain foods together, because they are incompatible (carbohydrates and lipids in particular).

Ethics, Ecology, Health: Vegetarian Diet Seduces More and More

Unworthy breeding conditions, ecological disaster of intensive industrial agriculture, health risks of meat ... From ethical scandals to health scandals, the contents of our plate is constantly questioned. At the same time, a real movement is developing within our society and questioning our relationship with the planet and animals.