I am cyclothymic

Considered whimsical or milk soup, some pass laughter to tears, sweetness to anger, without warning. But why do they change mood all the time? Amelie Shoemaker Why? "It must be confessed, such is human life. Each one has his goblin who always walks him, from sorrows to amusements, "wrote Voltaire in 1772 in his poem John who weeps and laughs .

Are we all crazy?

Published by the powerful American Psychiatric Association, DSM is the most widely used psychiatric tool in the world. Its latest edition, the DSM-5, accumulates gross errors and confusion. Psychiatrists, editors of previous manuals, psychoanalysts warn against its publication, which they believe will lead to misdiagnosis, but especially to a dangerous and excessive use of drugs.

5 Misconceptions about bipolarity

Bipolarity is often presented as the disease of the century. By declaring themselves bipolar, some stars like Benoît Poelvoorde or Catherine Zeta-Jones have helped to break the taboo around this disease. If we talk a lot about bipolar disorder, do we really know what it is? Lucien Fauvernier "Go from laughter to tears": to be bipolar, is that it?

Dare to be fragile

And if we stopped wanting to Any price be strong, powerful, perfect? To know oneself as weak, sad or vulnerable, not to hide it and to assume it, paradoxically dope our assurance. Here's why. Hélène Fresnel I can not imagine a second talking to my family about my sleepless nights, "says Antoine, the financial director of a printing press on the edge of burnout.

Friendship, do you have to say everything?

Her husband is cheating on her, her teen is smoking, he has really gained weight ... We are sometimes tempted to "tell the truth" to our closest friends. For their sake, we think, because we love them. But, in the name of the franchise, are we as benevolent as we believe? Caroline Desages "One evening, Coline's fiance, one of my best friends, made explicit advances to me, and the next day I told Coline that it was obvious to me She had to know that there was no secret between us, and at the mome

End of life: the importance of pleasure

The first wine bar in palliative care in France opened in September 2014 at the University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand. Today, few people on the verge of death are entitled to the small pleasures of everyday life that can be a glass of wine, a home-cooked meal or a beautifully laid table. Yet, good food is a symbolic ritual and has real benefits on morale.

Suicide: 10 misconceptions

The attempted suicide would be "a proof of cowardice", "hereditary", and reserved "for people who suffer from a mental disorder" ... So many received ideas that do not reflect at all the reality of more than 700 people a year trying to end their lives. Bénédicte Novis, listening to SOS Suicide-Phénix, Lyon , explains to us why these beliefs are false.

What to do when you are told no?

"No, I do not love you anymore", "No, you do not have the job" ... Not easy to take a wall. Philosophers, writers and therapists give us their advice in four beats so as not to break our noses. Hélène Fresnel "Yes to work!", "Yes to happiness!", "Yes to love!" The positive is everywhere. A vast masquerade supposed to protect us from the melancholy, from our interior tombs, from all the refusals, the little humiliations that we wipe daily.

Why say "Shake yourself" to a depressed person is useless

"Make an effort!" Or again: "If you do not try to shake yourself a bit, how do you get out of it?" Such recommendations are made daily to people with depression and come in many forms. Even if they start from a good intention, they are often useless and even counterproductive because they feel guilty.

Lykke: 3 cheap activities that can make you happy

"Money does not make happiness" ... But how to be happy without? In his Lykke Book, Danish author Meik Wiking explores recipes of happiness around the world. A lot of ideas to think about what makes us really happy ... And to inspire us, like these 3 free activities, as simple as effective to give us a smile.

Manipulators, narcissistic perverts: who are they?

The manipulators, or narcissistic perverts, would represent only 2 to 3% of the population, but to be in contact with one of them is often destructive . Often difficult to spot, they are highly toxic personalities. Who are they? How to recognize them? To protect oneself? Response elements. Margaux Rambert They are called manipulators or even narcissistic perverts.

After seeing a magnetizer, I became suicidal.

After seeing a magnetizer, I became suicidal. After an eye surgery, I went to see a magnetizer-radiesthesist. He told me the life I had left, and everything changed. I am suicidal. My friends call him a charlatan, I see a psychologist, but I can not do it anymore. Danielle, Angers Claude Halmos Psychoanalyst answers Your friends are right, this man is a quack.

I have experienced anxiety attacks and I would like to give you hope ...

Anxiety is a state of inner panic manifested by insomnia, palpitations, tremors and a deep psychological malaise. During these anxiety attacks, life seems stressful and out of reach. It's as if we are losing control of ourselves, so of our life. But we can get away with it, believe me! Having lived in this state of anxiety for years, I can afford to give you hope that you can find peace within you.

I came out of my inner prison

To assume one's ambition is a long way. Nicole Rothenbühler , a social therapist, tells how she managed to spread her wings, healing the wounds of her story. I have always been an ambitious woman. But what I used to call my ambition was something vague and indefinite. I only knew that I wanted to succeed in my life, or rather that I was afraid of missing her and leading a futile and futile life.

Misconception: Luck is Happening

"To say that luck is provoked is a super defense, a formidable protection against anxiety in the face of the unpredictability of reality." The point on this idea received with the psychoanalyst Valérie Blanco. Stéphanie Torre Do you know that astrologers often attribute leap years to global catastrophes?

We took a class of happiness

Tal Ben-Shahar is "teacher of happiness". Harvard alumnus - his course on happiness has been one of the busiest in the history of the prestigious university - he is now a speaker and author of many books of positive psychology. On the occasion of The Learning of Happiness , he gave us a story in four lessons.

Give more meaning to his life: an illusion?

To be happier, to fulfill oneself, to live one's vocation ... So many dimensions of the contemporary existential quest, and as many possible lures. For to shape a destiny to its measure requires self-awareness ... and humility. Flavia Mazelin Salvi "Beyond the desire to stay alive, beyond the pursuit of pleasure, man is animated by an equally powerful force that drives him to fulfill himself, to give meaning to his existence and to more fully meet life, because living is not enough for him, he w

How to provoke luck?

Does luck exist outside our own will? Yes, if we liken it to chance. No, if we consider that it also depends on our vision of the world and our choices. To let him have the opportunity to happen supposes to accept the irrational and unforeseen part that governs our lives. And also to adopt the four opening postures likely to attract us to the favors of the moment.

A psychiatrist in search of meaning

As a teenager, I had a dream. I wanted to become a professional rugby player at Stade Toulousain. The conviction of having to be the best, to be part of the elite, in order to deserve the recognition of any parental figure, was encouraged by an elitist and performance-based educational system. One day, I went through the gates of what I considered to be my Everest.

A cancer taken in time

I had mammograms at regular intervals. That year, like the other times, the examination revealed nothing abnormal. Yet two months later, when I woke up, I felt my breast and felt a little ball. Why did I do this? I do not know. I never practiced self-examination and there was no particular reason for this gesture.