Follow me I'm running away, flee me I'm you

Follow me, I fled, flee, I follow you: imbalance of attention in a couple, lack of sentimental reciprocity. Ex: Julien takes his distance from Mary so that she gets closer to him. You've never noticed that when you're totally crazy or crazy about someone, he or she does not care about you, but when you start to distance yourself, that's the same person who gets closer to you, as if to say "hey, you have to keep turning around and me not paying attention to you"?

Flee me I am you, follow me I flee you

Flee me I follow you, follow me I flee you: imbalance of attention in a couple, lack of sentimental reciprocity. Ex: When Mary tries to pay attention to Julien; he is losing interest in her and vice versa. I was the first coach in France to be interested in this famous phrase "flee me I am you, am I you flee".

Seduce a woman

Seduce a woman: processes put in place by a man in order to conquer the admiration of the woman he desires. Ex: Julien wants to seduce Marie by inviting him to the restaurant. Seduce a woman for some men is perfectly natural, they have no trouble to address them and get a number, an appointment and sometimes even a kiss from the first meeting.

How to bring back a woman?

To bring back a woman: Implementation of actions and processes so that the dear woman is once again interested in us. Ex: Julien goes to sport to bring Marie back. The departure of his companion can be a very trying time for a man because it is a part of oneself that one loses.

How to bring it back?

To bring back: action to work on the return of someone or something. Ex: Julien becomes more attentive for Mary to come back to him. It is possible to bring it back to you after a break, but there are no strict rules that apply to all situations. You just broke up?

Painful love break

Break in love: ending a relationship of love between two people. Ex: Marie left Julien; he does not accept their breakup. When you have powerful feelings for your man or your wife, you can not imagine that your story can end. Indeed, you see your future at his side and do not consider that one day he or she is able to take his business and leave you despite the small problems you may encounter.

She does not love me anymore

She does not love me anymore: cessation of love, cooling of love. Ex: After 5 years of relationship, Marie no longer likes Julien. There is probably no more hurtful thought for a man who loves his wife than to say "she does not love me anymore". Love is a fragile good that must constantly be maintained.

How to recover your ex

To recover his ex: will to regain the love of the loved person formerly. Ex: After his separation from Mary, Julien did not succeed in feeling love again; he decides to get it back. The love for his ex can be so powerful that to forget him and try to live a new story may seem impossible.

Be selfconfident

To have confidence in oneself: to believe in one's abilities and to become aware of one's limitations. Ex: Marie is serene for her hiring interview; she has confidence in herself. Self-confidence is one of the bases of happiness, I would even say that it is THE basis of it! If you want to better understand this notion, if you want to take initiatives to improve your life, trust is essential.

Silence Radio: I get my ex

Radio silence: the process of no longer giving any news to the person chosen to attract his attention. Ex: Marie has not called Julien for 1 month, she practices radio silence. To recover his ex, there are several extremely effective techniques. One of them has a name that is easy to remember and sounds really good: radio silence.

Men's midlife crisis

Men's Forties Crisis: A period in which a man approaching 40 years changes his behavior for fear of growing old. Ex: 41 year old Julien adopts childish behavior: he is going through a midlife crisis. If there is a phenomenon likely to destabilize a couple, it is indeed the midlife crisis in men.

How to turn the page after a break?

Turn the page: want to forget a past fact, such as a love story. Ex: After his break with Marie, Julien is in couple again and turned the page. To undergo a rupture is always painful. The past haunts you, memories keep you from moving forward. But there may be worse, you can believe that you will never know happiness without him or her at your side.

Seduce a man

Seduce a man: setting up processes to attract the attention of the desired man. Ex: Marie wears her little black dress to seduce Julien. This is the dream of many women, learning to seduce a man. It is true that most of you ladies do not know what to do when a handsome man crosses your path.

How to bring back his wife DEFINITELY?

To bring back his wife: to implement actions to provoke the return of the beloved woman. Ex: Julien must change his behavior if he wants to bring Marie back. You are probably still wondering how to get your wife back. You will naturally have a tendency to set up actions and I ask you to stop everything for the moment.

Love depression

Love Depression: A deep feeling of sadness caused by a breakdown or other problem within the relationship. Ex: Marie goes through a depression of love following her break with Julien. Many people think that it only happens after a breakup. However, this is not the only moment because a depressed love can also have indirect causes but the result is the same.