Whoever loves his wife loves himself

I meet too many couples who have these major problems: problems of trust between spouses; problem of honor. Inability to recognize the value of the other. Many people are married but despise themselves. To despise oneself is not only to denigrate oneself ... It is also the fact of not taking someone for granted.

Michael Lebeau - How do you treat your wife?

We often talk about the attitude we must have towards God who is the most important person. But it is very easy to leave the second most important person of our life, the gift that God gave us on the day of our marriage: our spouse. Husbands, what place does your wife occupy in your life?

A simple trick to strengthen your relationship

I came across this short article but super useful to strengthen his relationship. It shows a simple way to solve some communication problems in the couple. Of course, it works for those who really care about maintaining and strengthening their couple, and who are also able to share everything with their spouse.

Remain firm in your commitment

"It is to love that you will have for one another that we will recognize that you are my disciples" John 13,25 One of the characteristics of true love is patience. Love IS patient. You will never know if you are patient until you have been exposed to someone whose behavior tests or tests your patience.

Love is proportional to the value we give to others

Love is a price we pay. Love endures everything, believes everything, hopes everything. He perseveres and remains faithfully attached despite the limitations of the other. Love creates and maintains a bond despite the flaws and limitations of the other. The Law of Love The law of love is a divine ordinance to make marriage work.

10 lessons learned after 10 years of marriage

Many think that if it is possible to "fall in love", it is almost impossible to "stay in love for life". I read an article by Matt Brown, a man of God who shared 10 lessons he had learned from his first 10 years of marriage with his wife, the love of his life. I share them (in summary) by praying that will bless you!

25 reasons why women respect their husbands

Unconditional love and respect are non-negotiable in marriage. They are spiritual laws that God has established that make marriage work. Every woman would like to be loved without reason or condition by the chosen one of her heart. Likewise, man's N ° 1 need in marriage is respect.

How can a man approach a woman of higher social class?

How can a man approach a woman he loves and wants to marry, but who is of a higher social class than he is, is very independent, stable and financially fulfilled when he is not? How to do it when you are attracted to a woman who already works and has a position of responsibility, who is very independent, usually leads people and gives orders at work, when we are not yet positioned ourselves in life ?

Man, a major target of Satan's attacks

The enemy is at war and wants to make men his instruments. The man, the head of the family unit is a prime target for the enemy of our souls. In fact, Satan aims at the man and wants to seize him to make his slave, to plunder everything he has, to destroy him, to slaughter him, to keep him in the prisons of hell and hell. 'failure.

Character attracts loyalty and respect

Character is the particular aspect, the distinguishing mark, the quality of a thing. Character is what does not change. Do you have character? What distinguishes you? How often do you change? Who are you? Are you consistent? Every leader must have character.

How can I be respected by my wife?

A question came to me last week. This is an anonymous question from a person who wanted to know roughly "how to punish a woman who does not respect her husband?" In other words, I paraphrase: my wife does not respect me ... how to make him pay? I already see the women boiling ...

The wise man also builds ...

We talked about wisdom for women last year but I think men too need wisdom. The Bible tells us that the wise woman builds her house and that the fool destroys her with her own hands (Proverbs 14: 1) and many mistakenly think that a long-term home depends only on the woman .

How to win back the heart of his wife?

Many men are asking this question and are desperate. They have lost the hearts of their wives and do not know how to win him back. They want to know how to make their wife "love them again". They made bad decisions and hurt their wives, so that they no longer want the marriage.

Prayer for the Men of My Generation

Many men today are struggling with a genuine identity crisis and our Western societies are becoming more and more societies of absent husbands and fathers. Many men do not know their identity and their role as a father. Many men do not realize their importance and influence in the lives of their children.

Husband, love your wife ...

Last Saturday's article Whoever loves his wife loves himself was a real cry of the heart. I'm tired of seeing devastated marriages. My heart hurts every time I see men scorn or neglect their wives, or abuse their wives. I feel bad for those women who suffer, often in silence.

Why do men need visions and dreams?

I wanted to share Dr. Myles Munroe's powerful teaching at a conference for men at Pastor TD Jakes. I learned a lot from listening to this teaching and I'm sure it will be good for a lot of people. For those who can not understand English, I will publish abstracts in French on the different topics covered in the message.