Hyperactive child, understanding and helping

He moves constantly, accumulates stupidity, never finishes what he started ... Contrary to common prejudices, the hyperactive child does not is not only a little agitated, whose overflowing energy would exhaust the parents. It is above all a child in pain, whose evil is hidden behind the acronym ADD / H (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder).

What's the use of sex education in school?

All parents wonder what their children are learning at school, and even more so when it comes to sex. Anatomy, the differences between girls and boys, the modes of reproduction ... Is this teaching useful and relevant? And what does it really consist of? Cécile Guéret Talking about sex education in school has long been the trigger for passion and arouses the wildest rumors.

Talk about sex with our teens

Discussing sexuality with one's child is taboo. Today, however, there is urgency. Because they live in a world of hypersexual images and access to porn very early, teenagers are lost and prisoners of practices that mishandle them. Parents to guide them, without guilt or intrusion. Bernadette Costa-Prades A few facts gleaned randomly from discussions in recent months: a 15-year-old teenager, surprised while giving a blowjob to a boy in the toilets of a college in the 16th arrondissement of Paris,

Teenage crisis is not mandatory

The belief is vivid: becoming an adult would go through a radical rebellion at puberty. The psys and our three witnesses are formal: the crisis of adolescence, in its most noisy form, is not a necessary step. Laurent Clay How? You did not have a teenage crisis? "This question, Adeline, 34 years old, often hears when she tells of her childhood, no, she did not conflict with her parents, did not revolted against school or against society, had no excessive behavior (alcohol, cannabis, running away)

One can not love one's children the same

Parents believe in equal love, but that's impossible, says psychoanalyst Claude Halmos. And so much the better. Because every child is singular, and to love differently does not mean to love less. Claude Halmos The parent-child link And who do you prefer? Your daddy or your mom? Children - at least those who could not escape by proclaiming: "I prefer chocolate!

Education: Why is it so hard to be respected?

With children, not easy to practice authority without authoritarianism. Understanding the reasons for our difficulties can help us better assume our role as parents. Anne-Laure Gannac Because ... we are sent back to our own childhood "I love him, of course, but he often exasperates me ... I feel like he's trying to push me to the end!

Siblings: why some people still hate each other

There are a thousand reasons, child, not to support his brother or his sister ... But why, adult, this disenchantment continues it? Analysis of five situations. Isabelle Taubes When rivalry persists ... Infantile conflicts between brothers and sisters usually resolve during adolescence, "second chance to become brother or sister of brother or sister", says child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo.

Why is it difficult to say I love you to our parents?

"I love you", three words so short and yet so hard to say. This may be obvious to some, but for others, to confess one's feelings is a test. Especially when it comes to telling our parents. For Isabelle Filliozat, author of the book Je t'aime, je t'en want (Marabout, 2005), everything is a question of working on oneself.

I chose not to have a child

The desire for a child is not universal. Those who refuse it do not all have the same reasons. But they assume. Testimonials. Danièle Luc "I do not want it!" A statement that still disturbs today, questions. Is not the desire for a child sacred, incontestable? However, the refusal of motherhood represents a trend in progression: 12% of women born in France in 1954 and 1955 have made the choice.

Acupuncture to prepare for childbirth

To relieve the ills of pregnancy, but also to prepare for childbirth, more and more women are turning to acupuncture . A preparation that relies heavily on prevention and is structured around three main sessions, each trimester of pregnancy. Anne-Laure Vaineau Thanks to a few very fine needles (7 to 8 maximum) to stimulate precise points of the body, acupuncture serves a dual purpose: to ensure the free circulation of energies in the body and restore harmony between yin and yang.

Introduce new spouse to children

When one remakes one's life, one is led to one day present one's new love to one's children. A very delicate rite of passage ... Vade-mecum for a first meeting without false note. Flavia Mazelin Salvi A passing exam The fear of seeing his new spouse rejected by his children is now pegged to the body of every person who is about to experience the family recomposition .

Where to have your baby sleep?

"When the baby arrives, must he must have his own room? ", asks Woy on the Psychologies forum. com . This small question has raised many debates. The choice of place of sleep of the baby is indeed not insignificant. Much more than mere practical considerations, sleeping the infant in his own room, like a big one, or in the parental bed indeed reflects a certain way of living parenthood, and beyond, a lifestyle .

Recomposed Family: When Children Dispute

Divorced, you would have loved to see them play together, accomplices, as a harmonious pledge of your beautiful stepfamily. But when your child comes for the weekend or several days, he is fighting a lot with your partner's. What to do? The answers of Christophe Fauré, psychiatrist and psychotherapist and author of How do you love you, and your children?

What is a good alternating guard?

"Who has two houses loses his reason." In 2014, a bill was contradictory to this adage, considering double domiciliation of children of separated parents. How to put into practice this often complicated alternation? Hélène Fresnel "I remember those silent afternoons with my father, who was waiting for me once a week in a cafe, I was 10.

Children too calm, fragile children?

It's about age of 2 years and a half begins to take shape the personality and character of a child. When some spend their time running in all directions, electric battery mode, others conversely cultivate a form of calm Olympian, able to play alone and the same activity for long periods. A behavior that tends to worry parents.

Family: no one finds its place

Most family dysfunctions are linked to a confusion of generations: "parentified" children, or "adult" parents. Not to mention the possible difficulties of the parents-in-law ... Putting everyone in his role helps to (re) find harmony. Christilla Pellé-Douël Stephanie, 46, lost her husband. His eldest son, Simon, then 19, was quick to take on a pater familias role, getting into a rage when he felt the father's memory was not being respected.

Humiliated children make adults weakened

A national campaign against "ordinary educational violence" has just been launched on the Internet by the Children's Foundation on 23 January, and will then continue on television. "Hitting", "humiliating", "to shout on his child", "it is the mark for a long time", underline the videos diffused by this foundation recognized of public utility, with the aim of "to sensitize the parents".

Should I let my elder play the role of the father?

Should I let my elder play the role of the father? We have been separated, my wife and I, for over a year. In the event of a contentious divorce, my three boys, aged 14, 12 and 6, are in the main custody of their mother. The eldest plays the role of the father and is flattered by his mother when he does so.

Why Music Therapy Treats Teens

Use music to talk about him and what touches him without really talking about it. To give place to his emotions and to confront those of others. Or, to express yourself differently than with words that have so much trouble finding the way out ... These are all good reasons to refer a troubled teenager to music therapy.

Alcohol, cannabis, depression ... What can parents do?

Front With the withdrawal of a young person, suicide attempts and risky behavior, it is inefficient, according to psychiatrist David Gurion, to moralize and resort to authoritarianism. His advices. Hélène Fresnel Do not trivialize the suffering "Sometimes we all tend to ostrich to try to reassure ourselves, but parents must not trivialize the mental suffering of their young, nor The second difficulty is to be able to enter the dialogue The parents tell me: "I do not know how to approach my son o