The role of the Father

What makes man a father? What is the role of the father? Man was created by God to be the father of his family. When God created the first human family, He started this family with a male. Then the woman and the children were pulled from this man. Moreover, the Bible says very clearly that: The man did not come from the woman but the woman came from the man.

Why is it important to apply the law of honor in one's home?

Why is it important to apply the law of honor in your home? Why is it important that you and your spouse know how to honor your parents, but also that you teach your children to do so? We have seen in a recent article that, according to the thought of God, man is called to become the father, the source, the foundation, the support, the protector, the defender of his family.

Be Perfect As Your Heavenly Father Is Perfect.

I am sharing with you today my notes on Myles Munroe's teaching that I listened to last year on the role of the father. I started translating the first 10 minutes of the video, as I did for the 5 characteristics of the ideal man. I hope to finish the translation of all the teaching.

How can I help my child fail school?

Every human being should learn to rely on the Word of God at all times. this is true for ourselves but also for our children. From an early age, you can start teaching your children in the ways of God. Encouraging your child, helping him to study, and enrolling him in a homework help program can greatly help him, but what really will give him the victory will be the Word of God.

Healing Abortion Injuries

Abortion is a divisive subject that is generating much debate in society. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 50 million children worldwide are killed by abortion each year between 2010 and 2014. That equates to more than 135,000 babies a day. It is a taboo subject in the Christian world.

Being a good model for his children

Most men of our generation struggle with their manhood and do not know what it really means to be a man. Why ? Because they did not have a model that they could imitate. The father provides the son with the model to imitate. Be imitators of God as beloved children.

Why we must bless our children

Death and life are in the power of language (Prov 18:21) God calls us to bless our children. Blessing is simply "saying good, speaking well". By means of words in the course of covenant meals, curses are poured into the lives of people, whole families, by those who operate in the occult world; curses running over several generations.

Myles Munroe - Father Provides Legacy

We continue our series on the role of the father, taking as a model the relationship between Jesus and the Father. A good man leaves an inheritance to the children of his children (Proverbs 13:22) You can not leave a tie or a car to your son ... it deteriorates with time! You must find something that can go into the future generation!

The hand of God in the dark times of our lives

Once, many years ago, as I was going through a dark period of my life, I prayed and prayed, but the heavens seemed closed. I felt that God had disappeared and that I was alone in my trials and burdens. It was a dark night for my soul. I then wrote to my mother about it and I will never forget her answer: My son, it often happens that God withdraws to test your faith.

Why the Presence of the Father in the Home is Essential

Genesis 3 reveals that Adam lost authority over the creation God had given him. But by His death on the cross and His resurrection, Jesus Christ recovered this authority and transferred it to all who believe in Him. Because God has chosen man as the key person for the expansion of His Kingdom on earth, Satan's strategy of mass destruction targets man.

Confessions and Prayers For Our Children

Lord, I confess Your Word on the life of my children: I plead the blood of Jesus on my children, my grandchildren and all those whom you gave me on the land of the living. Because I believe in Jesus, I am saved. My children will be saved too. (Acts 16:31) I will praise to my children the praises of Jehovah, His power, and the wonders He has done, that they may trust Him, and not forget all that He has done, remain faithful to God.

35 Words of appreciation for our children

We are not always aware of the power of our words and how our words can positively or negatively impact the trajectory of our children's lives. What do you say about your home? of your wife? your husband? of your children? of yourself ? What is the quality of the words that come out of your mouth about yours?

To be a good father ...

What do a good father do? What do good fathers do? They are joking. They challenge. They inspire. They build. They provide. They encourage. They discipline. They listen. They advise. They validate. They play. They pray. They forgive. They teach. They reinforce. They believe. They lead.

God's promises for our children (1)

I propose to you today a series of verses which are promises of God, divine decrees in favor of your children, of your descendants, if you belong to Christ. God has given you these decrees. It is your responsibility to proclaim them. If you do it with perseverance then get ready to see miracles happen in your family!

15 ways to complicate your child's future

Instruct the child according to the way he must follow; And when he is old, he will not turn away from it. (Proverbs 22: 6) I found this recent article on the education of our children. I have translated it to help those who need it, to become aware of their responsibility today for what their child will become tomorrow.

Being a good role model for his children

The father provides the son with the model to imitate. Most men of our generation struggle with their manhood and do not know what it really means to be a man. Why ? Because they did not have a model that they could imitate. Be imitators of God as beloved children.

It is not said to honor his father and his mother if they are honorable ...

Photo credit: Photon_de Know that in the last days there will be difficult times. For men will be selfish, money-lovers, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, rebellious to their parents, ungrateful, irreligious, [...] 2 Timothy 3: 1-2 We live in one of these generations of the final period of the history of this world; a generation characterized by the fact that children are ungrateful and disrespectful to their parents, among others.

The eight forms of intelligence

The fields of psychology and education underwent a revolution 30 years ago when Howard Gardner, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, published the results of his research on cognitive skills development at the University of Harvard. To be human. He had noticed that some children with high IQ miss their studies, that some recognized intellectuals are quite able to read the instructions to build a piece of furniture, but not to mount it; while an illiterate will do it effortlessly.