6 powerful way to overcome your transient depression

6 Powerful Way to Overcome Your Black Passive Depression. Grey. Black. Thinning. Black. More black than sun. Much too much. Yes, I'm talking about moping. Depression can be really horrible for the human being. One could really think that very few people are affected by depression, but in reality it is about 15% of the population each year who would live periods of depressions more or less long.

5 things you will regret in 15 years

5 things you will regret in 15 years regret a terrible feeling. Everyone has already regretted a situation in a given moment in his life. "If only ..." This famous phrase that everyone knows. Life is a long journey in which we grow on different levels, we experience more or less strong experiences, we meet new people, etc.

Hijacked by a chimpanzee. Understand and manage emotions (2/3)

Hijacked by a chimpanzee. Understanding and managing emotions (2/3) In the first part, we saw a lot of things together about why and how emotions. Do you remember him ? I'm the king here! It's Chimp, the chimpanzee! If it does not matter to you, or you do not understand why I'm talking about a chimpanzee in an article that deals with the management of emotions, I strongly encourage you to read the first part that is right here.

Two powerful exercises to let go!

Two powerful exercises to let go! You did not arrive here by chance. Oh no, no. There must surely be reasons that make you want to let go. It's perfect, because here we are between us. No fuss. We say everything and I will help you as best as I can. The first reason you want to let go is your negative thoughts.