Arielle Dombasle: My only accomplishment is love

Have you ever thought about analysis?

I do not like introspection, leaning on myself and my miserable little heap of secrets. I was probably a perfect subject for analysis and I could have been happier earlier, but I find it shameless, "the empire of me" ... The secret is the others, happiness, c is the others.

Today, do you feel good about yourself?

Since my life with Bernard-Henri, of course! And since then, say ten years, I have the impression of being in agreement with myself. It's a long time, but why should it be short? I have a great strength that makes me go forward, without barriers, without prejudices. But to advance unmasked, the heart laid bare, at any time, in all simplicity, is still very difficult.

Thinking of getting there someday?

Surely. Later. Already, I can talk to you.


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