Good use of sex toys

Thirty years after liberation sexual, a new trend is affecting our love practices. With a slogan carried by fashion and TV series: "I am free and liberated, proud of my sex stack!" Analysis of sex therapist Ahlam Fennou.

Ahlam Fennou

Gone are the days when the use of pleasure objects was the preserve of the sexually deranged, of people lacking partners or frustrated by theirs. Today, sex has become a consumer product like any other. He is therefore subject to the laws of the market: he must sell himself! In the form of lipstick, blush brush or duck naughty, the sex toy turns our daily lives into a field conducive to sweet temptations. No need to wait for the intimacy of a place or any date. Between the gloss and the laptop, our toy is there for us: it becomes a real breeze to awaken and calm the desire.

We all lived, in our infancy, this dream of happiness where our mother would come to answer the least of our precious desires, as soon as it would manifest itself, since we would be in the center of his. Where we would live in a universe of pure pleasure where the smallest excitement would find a resolution in the most appropriate and fastest way for us. This dream is more or less realized. The sex toy is this object always satisfying, never failing, filling our most intimate needs, existing only for and by our goodwill. With this erotic gadget, the blanket of the modern woman, we escape however two essential components of the desire: the wait and the frustration.

The risk? Reduce female sexuality to a mechanical act. Falling into a practical and hygienic search for enjoyment, forgetting that sexuality is first and foremost a story that is lived with another, whether real or fantasized ... That enjoyment tends, with the risks involved, towards what we do not have and that we will never have: the other. This being different from us, that we wish fit to repair our wounds and which, leaving us dissatisfied, keeps us eternally in this search, between envy and life. These erotic gadgets are not there to fill a void, but to bring to share a full sensual. A simple step to explore the creative path that leads to pleasure and to the other, in a free and fun way.


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