My Little Beauty Secrets: Honey

Astringent, healing, moisturizing, honey promotes in particular the cellular renewal of the skin, nails and hair. Here are some simple recipes to take advantage of the virtues of honey.

Ségolène Poirier

Natural antiseptic, honey is one of the best allies to beautify the skin. This nectar of youth has been used since ancient times for its regenerative power.

Moisturized epidermis

Rich in potassium and vitamin B, honey is an ideal treatment for moisturizing dry and / or sensitive skin.

Our recipes: Mix a teaspoon of honey with an egg. Spread directly on the face. Leave for about 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Natural antiseptic, honey is also perfect for dry lips. Leave overnight a thick layer of thyme honey on the lips ... if you resist the urge to lick!

A soft skin

Made up of almost 80% sugars (fructose and glucose), honey facilitates the fixation of water molecules on the skin, making it soft.

A soothing mask: Mix a tablespoon of honey with a drop of lavender essential oil and a drop of geranium essential oil. Apply on face and neck, and massage gently. Remove the excess with cotton soaked in warm water. To be done twice a week.

A Honey Cleansing Milk: mix a tablespoon of liquid cream with a tablespoon of acacia honey and a teaspoon of rose water. Massage to penetrate then rinse with warm water.


The antioxidants present in honey protect against skin aging and make it a very good anti-wrinkle treatment.

A plumping mask: Add two drops of lemon essential oil in a tablespoon of acacia honey. Apply all over the face and cover it with ultra thin chlorine-free cigarette paper. (The chlorine dries out the skin and can even burn it.) Smooth the whole. Leave to act for about thirty minutes. Remove the paper and rinse well with warm water. Apply, in the last rinse, a very cold water, even ice cubes.


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