Good sports for muscular buttocks

Our buttocks are made mainly of muscles, which is why it is essential to make them work to shape them. Here is a selection of sports activities and exercises to strengthen our sitting!

Caroline Langlois

We have two distinct and very complementary muscle groups. The gluteus maximus starts from the lower back and falls down on the top of the thigh. It is the largest and most powerful muscle of the human body: we owe it standing and our status as Homo erectus . On each side is a group of two muscles: the small and the gluteus medius. Their primary function is to allow the lateral elevation of the leg. "The bounced aspect of the buttock is them," says Julie Ferrez, sports coach and author of How to have a body of goddess when you is not the daughter of Venus (Marabout, 2013).

Gluteus maximus

To fight the softening that inevitably leads to the fall, our ally is the gluteus maximus. Regularly solicited, this very large muscle assures us very high and hard buttocks.

What practices?

- Nordic walking. This activity from Finland consists of walking energetically with the help of ski poles. The secret? Make long strides, to ensure a wide opening of the hip, and push your heels into the ground with every step.

- Backstroke with short fins . Not only the gluteus maximus are solicited in resistance, so longer, but the whole of the dorsal muscle chain too, which ensures our maintenance.

- The bicycle . On the condition of practicing as a dancer, otherwise we get muscle calves and crush his small glutes - very bad idea. This position of the buttocks above the saddle makes work the whole of the muscular chain and guarantees a behind of (small) queen.

Small and medium sized glutes bounced

No matter the circumference of our buttocks, as long as they are nicely rounded. To achieve this result, it is up to the small and medium sized glutes to work.

What practices?

- Inline skating. This is the main activity in this area. To move forward, you have to push your legs outward. It is this movement that does everything. Just two rides a week, without straining, to see the result.

- African dance . The basic position, legs bent and slightly apart, keeps our deltoids (name given to the duo small and medium glutes) engaged permanently.

- "The dog that pee" .Not very elegant in his appointment but frighteningly effective. On all fours (in position called "the dog"), raise and lower twenty times one leg bent on the side, then the other. This simple movement, to do at home two or three times a week, is the best for the gluteus means.


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