Points in addition to the tray for the thin ones: why Dukan goes too far

Can this be dangerous for you, especially in terms of anorexia?

For me, the risk is more on the side of obesity than anorexia, because anorexia nervosa develops in people with a particular profile. I do not think this proposal will make the thin ones go down. On the other hand, I fear on the contrary that it makes even more fat people overweight. Why? Because when we are pressured, when we are asked to restrict ourselves, we sooner or later lose control. This is what happens with the Dukan diet: at first, people manage to control themselves then lose control, gain weight ... And then alternate periods of control and loss of control. This is all the more serious as adolescence is the age when eating disorders can appear. For me, this proposal would probably generate bulimia, overweight. In fact, aggravation of obesity.

And more guilt, yet?

Absolutely. There is an extremely moralizing side to this discourse that aims to distinguish the good and the bad. And he does it with a very simplifying instrument: the scales! A balance that becomes a moral instrument ... But a distorted instrument, because the weight of balance is variable according to each.

In short, the idea of ​​judging someone according to one's BMI is something whimsical. And shocking. Not only is it an intrusion of social control into one's personal life but it is also the path to a normalizing society. We are in the "I want to see a head, I want to see a belly"! Everyone the same, everyone at the same weight!

This kind of talk will make people who are overweight look even more like bad citizens, sub-people, people who are in general failures. But the risk, when we are looked at as a second-class citizen, is to feel even more rejected, even more unhappy and therefore to become even bigger ...


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