Do not try to lose weight, it ages you

claude Sarraute

This time, it's me who invites you, Martine ... Yes, yes, absolutely, the last time, it was you. So, what are you taking? I'll start with the snails and then ... If we shared the leg of lamb?

- Ah, no, Sandra, that's out of the question! Diet, diet! I must lose another 4 kilos before the holidays. You know, the Body doll, the big fat Bibendum, a horror, well, it's me.

- Stop, Martine, that's fine with you!

You're not going to give in the obsessive panel any extra pounds?

- So that's not bad! Out of size 36, Madame would feel obese. Thanks to what, madam is awful and she would like ...

- Blunder, me? Not at all. The proof: to begin with, snails, and then, if you do not want leg of lamb, a chicken-mashed potato. And you?

- Hard egg and grilled sole.

- And for the wine? Red or white?

- Pretty white, no? It is less expensive.

- But since it's me who invites you, let's see, Martine ...

- But, no, I mean, cheaper calorie question.

- Do you think, it's the same. And me, white, that prevents me from sleeping. A bottle of Beaujolais, would you?

- Half a day. That will be enough. I will not drink more than one drink.

- Ah, no! A bottle. I'm drinking, you know, Martine. I drink, I eat and I do not get fat. I really have a crazy chance. The kind of "wait-i-kind-my-calculator to evaluate the lipid rate", I find that ... Typically nana, by the way. The guys are much cooler ... Swallow a hard egg without touching the mayo, so here I admire you.

- Wait! You, your snails, you drain them carefully and you sponge them with your bread to remove all the fat!

- Normal, I do not like garlic.

- So why are you taking snails? It has no natural taste.

- Yes, it does.

- Come on, I let myself be tempted, I take a little wine. I serve you? But you did not touch your glass, Sandra.

- Yes, it's my second.

- To others! No, there I am on my way. You know, my jeans "scales", my old man of ten years ago, before the birth of Laurent? Well, I can almost button it up. While lying on the ground, ok, but ... Do not you eat your mashed potatoes?

- No, it's too salty.

- And the skin of the chicken, you do not eat it either? That's the best!

- You find? Not me. Take one end. Come on, you're dying for it.

- You'd like, huh? Each time, it's the same. You can not bear me going on a diet. I wonder why.

- Because that does not suit you, my poor darling. When you lose weight, it ages you. You lose bide and you take wrinkles.

- Then, from a certain age, we are all in the same boat, you are the first. And that does not stop you from starving yourself. You pretend to eat and you leave everything in your plate ... No, thank you, no dessert. And you, what are you taking? Tatin pie or chocolate marquise?

- Nothing. A coffee and the addition.

- You say that in a tone! Are you angry or what? We will not leave each other like this. Here, I have an idea. If we took a banana split for two? Okay? OK, OK. But fifty-fifty, then. And without cheating.


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