One month to regain inner strength

[EXERCISE] Just as nature varies with the seasons, our inner life goes through phases: at times we are full of spirits, sociable, others, withdrawn, depressed ... To regain its inner strength Ilios Kotsou, researcher in positive psychology, offers us a simple exercise to follow over a month.

Ilios Kotsou Flavia Salvi Mazelin

Our variations of moods are natural, it is not a question of refusing less happy episodes, less active, but not to be dragged too low too long. A recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology 1 shows that sitting all day helps accelerate cellular aging. In contrast, twenty minutes of moderate exercise per day have the effect of boosting the immune system.


Practicing a moderate activity that positively affects our mood and longevity, throughout this month, we will cultivate different ways to solicit our body. Getting up from your chair at regular intervals, choosing the stairs rather than the elevator, doing part of your bus or subway walk: many simple practices that make the difference. We can then think about long-term physical activities. Which would fill me with energy and joy? Would allow me to take care of my needs and my values? How can I relate more often to nature? We will also be able to try different approaches (qi gong, Nordic walking, dance ...) to identify the one that corresponds to us the most and that would be for us bearer of meaning and pleasure.


Jean-François, 32, trade commissioner "I've always been a sportsman, but in recent years I've been very busy with my job and my family life. a lot of physical exercise, I have not been able to practice continuously and on a regular basis until the day when an illness literally left me without energy, I started walking three times a week in a small I found the pleasure of contact with my body, which made me want to put myself in tai chi, which I practice for once a week.I feel better, I am more listening to me and taking better care of myself. "

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We have everything to gain by being self-sacrificing and gentle to ourselves. Ilios Kotsou, offers you a simple exercise to achieve this.

1. National Center for Biotechnology Information, January 19, 2017.


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