Anorexic and bulimic

Anorexic and bulimic

I am anorexic. I knew all the phases of the disease. For two years, I took 6 kg. I saw him very badly. Who should I consult to stop this? I do not want to fight anorexia but rather bulimia ... Barbara, 39

Gerard Apfeldorfer

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist


You were what we call a restrictive mental anorexia: this form Anorexia is characterized by an abnormal perception of body weight and body shape, an intense fear of getting fat, a refusal to maintain a weight at least equal to the minimum weight, given its size, and a drastic food restriction.

Your disorder has evolved into bulimic anorexia nervosa: you can no longer control your eating behavior as effectively, and you are prone to bulimia. It is not uncommon: to avoid eating requires intense efforts, which are rarely managed to maintain indefinitely. And you have, it seems, already a long way ...

So, your weight tends to rise a little, what you can not stand.

But how could you be encouraged to perform better in the restriction, that is, to be sicker than you already are? Is not it better to help you become less concerned about your weight and your body shape, to help you so that you can eat peacefully, a little bit of everything, without fear ... and without loss of control?

I advise you to contact a psychiatrist with experience of eating disorders, who will understand you. Your pathology requires a specialized approach. Do not hesitate to ask the psychiatrists you meet if they are experienced with this type of problem.

Gérard Apfeldorfer is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders.


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