50 kilos for 1m68, I find myself huge ...

Since the beginning of my adolescence, I do not accept my female body at all. I have already had several anorexia attacks that have led to hospitalizations and 5 years of therapy. But nothing works: my body remains an obsession. I weigh 50 kg for 1m 68 and I find myself huge. I am so ashamed of myself that I always postpone the outings with the family or girlfriends, saying that as soon as I lose a little weight, it will be better ... (Katia, 20 years old)

Gérard Apfeldorfer

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist


My dear Katia, it seems that anorexia nervosa has not yet released its grip on you, far from it. Certainly, your weight so far, is not too worrying: you have manikin size. But you do not see yourself as you are, are always obsessed with thinness. You seek to control your weight by controlling your eating behavior and this also turns to obsession. You do not accept your femininity and you can not have a sentimental life. You are always angry with yourself.

Certainly you have five years of psychotherapy behind you. But you are not out of the woods. This is not so rare, because anorexia sticks to the skin and a long work on oneself is often necessary to accept being ordinarily imperfect.

See a psychiatrist, preferably with experience in the management of eating disorders, because you have an appointment with yourself.


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