Why is living with an anxious sometimes so hard?

Why is living with an anxious sometimes so hard?

An anxious person wants to control everything. Is it a burden for those around you?

Christophe André

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist


Some anxious people put a lot of pressure on their loved ones: they are convinced to be lucid while others are unconscious or negligent. They are often wrong, but sometimes right. And they take pleasure as an argument these few times where they were right (you see, I told you so!).

The problem is that most anxiety sufferers are not aware of the cost of their anxiety: most of the time, it is much too high (they ruin their lives and those around them) , compared to the benefits (to avoid some troubles). It is often helpful to make them aware ... in times when they are not too anxious.

Another risk: anxiety can be contagious, within a couple, a family, a group ... So how to make that one of the two who begins to worry is rather comforted by the other? Perhaps the first step is to think about what is happening then: it happens that some complaints, repeated, concerning problems without current solutions, are toxic and for the person who emits them and for the person who listens them .

There is a good way to confide in others: to say what is bothering us, to listen to what we are advised to do, and to move on.


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