How not to suffer anymore because of his ex?

Not everyone has the chance to leave on good terms without insults, violence and revenge. Indeed, not being together does not guarantee that happiness is immediately found, a separation can leave traces and the absence of his ex can be felt. You know it better than anyone else who are on this article looking for tips to lift your head and move on. Indeed, the separation can leave traces and push a man or a woman to be very hostile.

Every day I receive comments, calls and testimonies of people going through a painful ordeal following a separation. Sometimes it is the behavior of your former partner that will create this tension of other times it is the simple fact of not being with him / her which is the cause of the suffering. This is not a simple situation to manage especially when you have fragile nerves and feelings are still present, too much present ...

You want to draw a draw on this story but the past is very heavy to bear, and therefore to move forward you have to ask the right questions. "How can one no longer suffer because of one's ex?" Is just one of them. We must combine several qualities such as patience and determination to be able to move forward and not let ourselves be controlled by the negativity engendered by his ex or by the break.

Why am I suffering after the breakup?

We all around us this person who manages to quickly raise the head after a failure in love and who does not let down after a separation. Unfortunately not everyone has this ability to bounce back after the break. It is also necessary to sort out those who are rebuilding their speed and the others who act while pretending to be well but who are content to suffer in silence.

When you are with a person and whatever the duration of the relationship, there are habits that settle down and losing your love puts everything in question. Every day, you know that you have someone at your side and it's a sensation that most men and women are looking for. Despite all our differences, we all aspire to find the one who corresponds to us and when it suddenly stops the disappointment is inevitably immense.

We have the impression of having to start from scratch, to have lost all his time and that is what can cause these difficulties to go up the slope. The sacrifices made, the efforts made have not paid off, at least that's what we think because in such moments we only see the negative side and we quickly put aside moments of joy.

There is also something to consider. The attitude of his ex after the break that can also strongly influence the way we will react. If he / she starts dating again, plays a double game or continues to talk to you to make you to suffer after the break, purposely add to it, it is quite normal that you have trouble moving forward and not feeling sadness.

Revenge on his ex does not forget faster

When we ask ourselves how to stop suffering because of his ex but that the latter continues to provoke us, not to leave us alone to mourn, or even to adopt a behavior that is not necessarily the right one, we can think of revenge and to return in his game. However it is not a good idea. Moreover some people want to act in this way to create an electroshock while their ex does nothing wrong and just want to implement a Machiavellian plan.

I am aware that you want to give him the change of his room because you suffer but if you have to avoid that it is for 2 good reasons. First you may want to win back your ex and in this case you will create even more distance and make it more difficult winback strategy. If you are not in the business of reconquesting love but want to simply turn the page, the fact of putting in place actions to harm a person to whom we do not want to think is a waste of time but also energy because it is behaving in this way that one sinks even more in his sadness.

You are not a bad person and by acting against nature, by making this mistake, you are going to have regrets and even if you are going to appreciate what you are doing on the spot, in the long run it will be a mistake and you are not the first to want to act in this way.

How not to suffer anymore because of his ex? By focusing on oneself!

In order to avoid a post-breakup depression and to no longer be the one or the one who gets shattered by the separation, it is important to focus on yourself and your actions.What stops you from moving forward is the fact that you act according to your ex, that you let him decide your life even after the breakup. When we do not want to suffer from separation anymore, I'm talking to those who want to recover their ex but also want to turn the page, in both cases the important thing is first to to find each other after a divorce or separation.

I have created an exceptional program to achieve this, which is entitled "Lkeys to rebuilding after a breakup "In this audio coaching to overcome the separation, I explain in detail the actions to be taken to raise the head after this emotional shock and not to suffer by this sudden celibacy.You will be able to move forward calmly and not to leave some mistakes to repeat.


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