Why the Presence of the Father in the Home is Essential

Genesis 3 reveals that Adam lost authority over the creation God had given him. But by His death on the cross and His resurrection, Jesus Christ recovered this authority and transferred it to all who believe in Him.

Because God has chosen man as a key person for the expansion of His Kingdom on earth, Satan's strategy of mass destruction targets man. The man is the Father, the foundation, theorigin of the family. The strength of a home depends on its foundation. If a door or window breaks in a house, it can be changed or repaired. But a problem at the foundation of a house, leads to the destruction of this house. Satan's strategy is man-centered. Satan strives particularly on men. Why ? Because he knows that if he manages to destroy the foundation of a family, then he will have destroyed the whole family and society.

What happens to the human race today is very intimately correlated to what happens to man. And the actions that men take, their choices, their decisions generally have a lot of impact not only at the community level, but also at the level of the nation. The direction or direction a nation takes is very much tied to the decisions and actions of men in that nation. That's why the devil works hard to lead men into confusion (including, in the confusion about their sexual identity) and to make them fall through various means, and among others, in his arsenal, corruption, idolatry and all forms of sexual impurity.

On the subject of sexual impurity, it is interesting to note, for example, that two-thirds of pornography consumers are men. The major impact is the corruption of their inner being and their relationships with their wives. In 2006, the pornographic industry as a whole, it is 57 billion dollars of turnover in the world including 12 billion in the United States. The cyberpornography, a sector constantly expanding since the beginning of the Web is particularly present in men: 72% of the regular visitors of pornographic sites are male. In the United States, 40 million men very often consult X sites, 10% of them admit to being "cyberporno-dependent".

Have you noticed that almost all advertisements for the male audience contain a woman exposing her nakedness? Why ? Corrupt the man. The devil persecutes men and through them, he strives on families, on children.

The destruction of the family and the absence of fathers from the life of their children is not without consequences. More and more children are growing up without a father, and the increase in the divorce rate only accentuates this fact.

Statistics on children who grew up without a father

Alarming statistics about children who have grown up without a father in the United States, for example, show that:

  • About 30% of all American children are in single-parent families (68% of them in the African-American community).
  • Children without a father are at greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide, poor school performance, teenage pregnancy, and criminality, according to the US Department of Health and Human Rights. Social Services, and according to the National Center for American Health Statistics.
  • More than half of children living with a single mother live in poverty - a rate 5 to 6 times higher than for children living with both parents;
  • Child abuse is much more common in lone-parent families than in other families.
  • 63% of youth who commit suicide come from fatherless households according to the US Census Bureau;
  • 72% of teenagers who commit murder have grown up without a father. 60% of America's rapists also grew up without a father according to a study by Cornell D. (et al.).
  • 71% of children who drop out of school in high school come from fatherless homes, according to a report from the Senior High School Association in the United States.
  • 80% of rapists motivated by inappropriate anger come from fatherless homes according to a criminal justice report.
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway children come from fatherless households;
  • 85% of all children with behavioral disorders come from fatherless households, according to a study by the CDC;
  • Girls who live with a father other than their biological father (boyfriends and stepfathers) are at greater risk of sexual abuse than girls living with their biological father;
  • Juvenile delinquency, the majority of which is perpetrated by men, has increased six-fold since 1992; It increases with the increase of single-parent families and the situation of precariousness that follows most of the time.

Many today change their spouse as easily as changing a garment, without really considering the consequences in the lives of children and in future generations. The choice to divorce, to tear up one's family may be personal, but it has a great impact first on our own children but also more generally on society.

We who are children of God are the light of the world and are called to make a difference through our choices and our way of life. May God help us to realize that the solution for the difficulties in the couple is not always in the divorce and that God still restores homes in difficulties.

God bless you !


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