Surprising a man is easier than you imagine!

Your visit to my website may be motivated by your desire to crack a particular man? Unfortunately, this magic formula does not exist yet. To find a deeper answer than a simple preconceived method, I have focused on studying the main needs of men and the mistakes you make most often when it comes to seducing them or starting a relationship. The studies that I have been doing since I came to coach women, that is to say since 2007, have allowed me to give you a fresh look at gender relations. This has resulted in specific seduction methods that offer convincing results.

The question that then jumped to my eyes is "How to surprise a man?" This is what the male seeks, just like you ladies, because you must know that surprise is a fatal weapon in seduction. This is the simplest shortcut to both seduce him and show him all your qualities! You will finally be able to prove to him that you can be unique to him! Surprise him and he will crack ...

To destabilize a man give him attention!

The men need to feel that they are unique to your eyes and that you are ready to make efforts by giving them attention. Why do I use the term efforts according to you?

Simply because in our society, it is natural to let the man to seduce while he too has very specific needs. So do not hesitate to take the lead at times to call him, send messages, ask him questions about him, take news of his professional or personal projects, advise him, talk about your privacy ...

You can use this kind of sentences:
"I feel good with you to talk about this subject ..."
"So how is this professional project going? Something tells me you're good at it!"
"Good luck for your football match, dedicate me a goal!"

You will notice that the goal is to install a proximity with the man we want to conquer to create a special link and as quickly as possible because no woman acts in this way. He will inevitably feel obliged to come back to you because he will feel understood and that the guys love it !

Surprise him by satiating his need for valorization!

The essential need for the human being is to receive a form of recognition, everyone does not understand it is that is why you are going to be able to create a surprise effect from the beginning of the relationship or even the first contacts. Without it, a human being can spend a lifetime being unhappy or worse, not wanting to go deeper into a story of the heart. We all have a real need to be appreciated by others. The love life is no exception and the valuation of a man is important to push him to himself.

For that, one must be able to create a real closeness with a man and pay attention to the smallest details. To seduce, you should not hesitate to notice the unique qualities that make you melt and talk to him either directly or indirectly. We all have something exceptional that we would like others to observe, but not just anyone, just by the people around us that we value.

Be careful, that does not mean you have to compliment all the time. On the contrary ! These actions should not be repeated all the time but should be done at the appropriate time. do not forget that seduction like all human relationships is a matter of timing when you show that you are aware of this, it automatically shows that you go deep and that you start to know it well. So you are able to express things that few people see, that's how you'll be able to surprise a man without falling into the routine or the excess of commitment from the first weeks.

2 effective seduction techniques to surprise a man

For to seduce a manYou must not hesitate to use a seductive attitude, especially thanks to the gestures that make you seduce naturally. I identified two highly effective techniques to work immediately to be more comfortable during this phase of seduction and for to crack a man in the space of a few days !

The Kino, a weapon of seduction Redoutable!

The Kino is a formidable weapon of seduction. This is the "art of touch" to create a physical connection with a man. You will be able to get closer to his person and establish a positive alchemy between you from the first moment.

The sensitive and fast-prone areas in men are:

- The top of the knees and the beginning of the thigh. When he teases you or tells a joke, you can tenderly or abruptly pat him that part of the body.

- Lower back.If a man walks in front of you or during the wind, you can easily put your hand on the lower back to create a connection.

- The forearms. Men are less sensitive in the hands than you but much more in the forearms. I recommend you focus on the elbow trunk to create a connection by touching it on a regular basis.

For the first two areas, do not insist and use the Kino in moderation, while for the forearms you have the opportunity to do more.

Turn your back on him and look at him!

The main idea is to show the man that you are a challenge and that he will not be able to seduce you so easily but without closing any door, so that you are both inaccessible but not do not tell yourself "I'm never going to get there with her, I'm going to waste my time". Must therefore find the middle ground between the unapproachable woman and that too easy.

For this, we will create a situation with two opposing attitudes. At once you turn your back and at the same time you smile at him. This is done on the street, entering a place or just at the end of your appointment.
This attitude has created a miracle (I hardly exaggerate) in the people I accompany because we have come to set up a form of challenge in seduction which appeals to men!

If you want more personalized advice because your situation requires it then I refer you to the coaching framework at the top right in the menu bar. If however you like the reading then I advise you my ebook The Code of the Love because all that I just mentioned to create an effect of surprise with a man is explained in detail, and much more ...

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