The sexual life of single Christians

Our faith should have an influence on the decisions we make in our sex life, as to who to have sex with and when to have sex. What do you think? The Bible has a lot to say about this, but obviously, many Christians act as atheists with regards to their sex lives.

Today I am sharing an excerpt from an article by Pastor Kenny Luck on the subject. It could help someone. Good reading!

Sexual life among single Christians

Online dating is growing in the Christian world. The landscape of sex, love and dating before marriage moves gradually in a rather "liberal" direction among Christians. Men like women today, at all ages and Christian demographics, tend to separate their faith from theirsex life.

While mostsingle Christians on Christian dating sites looking for people who regularly pray and attend a Christian assembly, a troubling and confusing dichotomy arises when the question ofsex before marriagepresents itself. Specifically, single Christians enter a kind of sexual fog.

This fog creates a cloud that masks the reality that an identity rooted in Christ should manifest itself in an intelligent and hopeful sexual life based on the promises of God. This reality is replaced by fear and proud choices based on other promises they believe more.

In a recent study by, an American Christian dating site, the following question was asked of Christian singles aged 18 to 59: "Would you have sex before marriage? " The answer? Sixty-three percent of single Christian respondents indicated "yes".

9 in 10 singles who call themselves Christians are atheists

It is quite honest to say that almost nine in ten bachelors who call themselves Christians are, in practice, atheists. In other words, God has nothing to tell them about the consequences, or at least something significant enough to deter them from following their own course of action. It's the ultimate oxymoron! A person who believes in a Sage, Sovereign and Loving God who created and created all things, and also believes simultaneously, that this same God must not, can not or will not enlighten them in their thought or their sex life. It reminds me of those famous red letters in the Gospel of Luke where Jesus says: "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say? "(Luke 6:46, KJV)There is a disconnect between identity and activity.

Our life in God and for God reflects our real vision of God.

The truth is if the person you are dating issexually unruly before marriage and ready to compromise her Christian convictions before the wedding, a wedding ring will not make him / her more disciplinedafter the wedding.

This article is an excerpt from Pastor Kenny Luck's post. Translated from the English by Aisha. Pastor Kenny Luck is the founder of Every Man Ministries, a major men's ministry in the United States. He is author of several books.


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