How to take care of long hair?

As hair grows , the lengths lose their vigor and worse than all, they seem not to push any more ... Some changes in the daily care can bring them the softness necessary to keep volume and shine.

Audrey Tropauer

Do you know how to wash your hair?

The answer may seem obvious ... before knowing that if it is poorly done, the shampoo may damage your lengths. To avoid this, start by not washing your hair too often. The trend of low poo is not suitable for all, but space shampoos for 2 to 3 days to preserve the hair fiber.

To wash your hair well, a small amount of shampoo is enough. Put it on the roots and emulsify with water. Dilute the foam so as not to attack the scalp and use it to wash the lengths without rubbing.

Take advantage of this moment to massage the scalp for 2 minutes with the pulp of your fingers. Enabling micro-circulation will replenish the fiber.

You can apply a moisturizing conditioner or a nourishing mask (to choose without silicone) on the lengths avoiding the scalp.

Range Elsève Dream Long (from January 2018).

Perfectly perfecting wonderful balm, Percy & Reed (excluded on the site of Sephora), 75 ml, 26, 90 €.

Naturaltech, Renewing Treatment Shampoo, Davines , 23, 70 €.

A tip for curly and very dry hair : Corinne Vincent advises not to rinse off her mask too much. And once dry, add a touch of moisturizer without rinsing if you feel a little rough to the touch.

Dry without rubbing

After gently wringing out the hair without twisting it, lay a soft towel like a turban. Wrap your hair and sponge without rubbing. Because it is the repetitive friction that raises the scales and end up damaging the hair fiber.

Inspired by technical sportswear, some microfiber towels absorb moisture without clinging to the scales. Aquis turbans are woven with finer fibers than silk threads to avoid clinging to cuticles.

You know about heat damage, but have you heard about water fatigue? Water is hair's natural enemy. And we know what you're thinking of - your mom always told you to drink it so badly for your hair? Just think about your nails after you come out of a bath ... soft and weak right? The same thing happens to your hair after all too much water (your hair and your nails are both made of keratin). Basically: wet hair is weak hair #themoreyouknow | #regram @janicemarit #aquishair @ultabeauty

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Turban Aquis (29, 90 € at Sephora).

Brusher without heating

Ideally, let the hair dry in the open air, but if you can not do without it, use a hair dryer not too hot and always at least 20 cm scalp. Choose a powerful device with the ability to regulate heat.

Use ceramic brushes that are less messy than plastic ones.

Supersonic, Dyson , 399 €. It distributes heat and never exceeds 160 ° C.


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