I discovered hypnosis

J I'm 30 years old and as far back as I can remember, I've always been very shy. In college, I began to have real blockages in my behavior, as soon as I was in public. I thought then that it was enough willpower and to grow so that it passes. Indeed, certain meetings, certain situations helped me to evolve a lot, to fight this myself who was imprisoning me and prevented me from feeling comfortable with the others. But today, I just realized that I was still very far from having won my fight and that I was still going to miss too many things in life ... By chance, I managed to finally find a definition that corresponds to my evil: social phobia.

I especially realized that nowadays, there are ways to change that. Change and not treat because it is not a disease, that's why I could never resolve to go see a psychiatrist. These means are behavioral therapies and brief therapies. There, I discovered hypnosis. Exactly what I needed because it corresponds to my way of seeing the problem: a bad training of my brain who understood during its development that "other" was a danger for me. Surely the example of the behavior of my parents who suffer themselves. This has been very motivating for me because I do not want to pass this prison to my future children.

Hypnosis is in fact a tool (and not a therapy in itself) that allows us to seek the resources that are in us, to teach our unconscious behavior more adapted to life in society. This also applies to any other behavior that we do not control and that bothers us. So I started working with a therapist who teaches me Eriksonian self-hypnosis (we control the process ourselves). In one session, I understood the principle (which is so confusing it is simple!) And I have already felt changes in my way of seeing the world and myself. Anyway, I feel really good (it's very relaxing!) Even if I do not have enough perspective to be sure it really works.

Nevertheless, I have already regained confidence in the future and the opportunity to live it better, to live better, to live better with others. And that's already a change!


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