We say that ... hypnosis is the intrusion

Hypnotherapy is like on TV when the piercing-eyed man enters the brain of his victim to make him do what he wants. What? How? That's not it, hypnosis?

Cécile Guéret

It all depends on what hypnosis we are talking about! In the shows, the hypnotist invents false memories to the participants. "It's an intrusion, admits hypnotherapist Olivier Lockert 1 . prepared by their desire to play the game. If I did it in the street to anyone, it would not necessarily work. "

In the field of psychotherapeutic hypnosis, two very different hypnoses coexist. The first, "dissociative hypnosis" (which combines classical hypnosis, ericksonian, and new hypnosis) "plunges the patient into a modified state of consciousness to bypass the rational mind.If someone wants to quit smoking , the hypnotherapist will address his unconscious ("Your mind discovers other solutions", "Imagine your pack of cigarettes flying away" ...) The principle is to move things in his head, confirms Olivier Lockert, like an osteopath who manipulates you to treat you ".

The second, the more recent humanist hypnosis, is intended to be less intrusive. "We no longer seek to lull the patient's vigilance, but, on the contrary, to awaken him to a state of increased awareness and to have He opens his perception to the world, to the universe, but also to subtle sensations, like that of light on the skin, "explains Olivier Lockert. Before letting him choose what he needs to solve his problem. To the same man who came to stop smoking, the hypnotherapist asks, without prejudice, what prevents him: "A dragon sends smoke to my face." How could he get rid of it? "He tries to fight him in vain, finally he has the idea of ​​growing up to scare him, that's his solution. his addiction, the work stops there.If he came for a psychotherapy, we look together what represents this dragon, what psychological mechanism it is the symbol, "details Olivier Lockert.

Did you know?

In hypnotic suggestion, the hypnotherapist makes terpnos logos, which means in Greek "pleasing language", "kind words." "This expression has sometimes been incorrectly translated as" dull speech "So that some practitioners speak monotonously, which is useless! We can speak normally," says hypnotherapist Olivier Lockert.

1.Creator, with Patricia d'Angeli, of the French Institute of Humanist and Ericksonian Hypnosis (ifhe.net).

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