I am a mother more severe than I would have been at 25

After a career led partly abroad, I voluntarily changed professional rhythm and I returned to France to found a family. No regrets, because I did not imagine life without children.

Physically, the hardest part was fatigue. After 40 years, it is really trying to go to work in the morning when we got up several times a night ... Today, I tell myself that I must do my best to live for at least twenty years ... In trying to keep fit, which is not so easy, given my lack of fitness! However, I try to keep enough energy, both for me and for her. But especially not to play the girlfriend.

At the level of education, I am probably more patient than a young mother with the little things in life or the little whims. On the other hand, I am more strict about politeness, behavior, values, and probably more severe than I would have been at 25 years old. I read too much not to be convinced that education is fundamental. Lara may find me less cool than the mothers of her friends, but I'm 49 years old and I assume them.


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