One can raise a child alone

I testify as a solo mom.

It is a fact today: there are more and more single-parent families, and for the most part they are made up of single moms.

I am the happy mother of a 15-month-old flea whom I no longer raise alone today, to our great joy. However, we have experienced strong moments like any mother / child relationship, but also difficult moments, moments of loneliness.

I have talked about this situation to my family, with whom I am very close or with friends, there are only women in my case who can understand certain things. I found myself alone, 4 months pregnant. I kicked out my daughter's father, who has still not recognized him to this day. In fact, with hindsight, he did everything to make it happen and at the same time it relieved me to do it. Yes, it is better to live alone than poorly accompanied.

What disappoints me the most is that even in our century, we look at the solo mother with a different eye. We must be followed psychologically, we must pay attention to our actions to not disturb our child ... and so on and better. We must not forget first of all that we are first and foremost moms, women with qualities and faults.

I always took care of my daughter in a simple way, without thinking about the consequences, any more than a "standard" mother. Today my greatest satisfaction is to see my daughter fulfilled and balanced.

I would like to pass on this message: one can raise one's child by choice or fact, and be completely happy. I am the proof. As for a "normal" family, single parent families, mixed and even homosexual, have the right to live normally without prejudice and without being blamed. As in any family, there is good and bad, but stop saying that a child who is not from a "normal" family will have difficulties. No, he will only have it if his parents do not give him love, honesty and respect.

Difference is part of life.


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