How not to be invaded by his in-laws?

How to make his in-laws understand that they are invading us?

François Lelord



François Lelord is a psychiatrist. he is the author of How to manage difficult personalities .

For parents-in-law, it is a children's duty and a sign of their affection to always make themselves available to them.

But here are some tips for tactfully defending yourself:

- never criticize them about their principles or worldview would be useless and a source of confusion.

- on the other hand, remain firm on his needs: "Sorry, but here I am not free etc ..."

- do not give too much explanation about his schedule, otherwise they will always find the way to prove that your obligations are not. You have to stay in "I can not, I'm not available ..."

- Emphasize the fact that we like to see them "but not now."

This is for everyone a real reeducation, which can take time.


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