8 Recipes for self-made shampoos

Making homemade shampoo is fast, easy and cheap. This also avoids too astringent products and chemical compounds that we would like to preserve our hair. Here is a selection of shampoo and natural care recipes to test the virtues of the "slow poo" trend for your hair.

Julie Frédérique

Shampoo with Marseille soap

Mix 100 g of Marseille soap flakes, 1 liter of mineral water, 2 teaspoons of sodium borate and 20 drops of selected essential oils depending on the quality of your hair (to discover in this table).

Fortifying Shampoo

Mix 2 egg yolks and add 1 tablespoon of rum. Make a shampoo with this preparation. After 4 to 5 shampoos, your scalp will regain its vigor.

Nourishing shampoo "à l'ancienne"

Finely scrape pure Marseille soap to obtain the value of 2 tablespoons of chips. Pour these chips into a bowl containing a tablespoon of olive oil, then mix with an egg yolk and the juice of a lemon. Apply this mixture on wet hair and scalp by massaging well. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing. Renew this shampoo as soon as you find your hair dry and dull.

Dry shampoo

If your hair is greasy, flat and you do not have time to shampoo, apply talc on the hairline, let it work for 2 minutes, rub with a towel for spread well and brush for a long time to remove all traces of powder. The talcum will have absorbed the excess of sebum, leaving you a light hair.

Nourishing conditioner care

Before shampooing, on dry hair, apply a large spoon of oil in your hair to the fingers, bit by bit. They will come out fed and bright and will probably not need detangling. Lightening care reserved for light hair To lighten the brown hair to blonde or make more radiant blonde become dull, pour lemon juice diluted in a little water on your hair and go to expose the sun for a moment. The lemon acid being very photosensitizing, it discolors the hair in the sun. Major brands of blond hair care already use the active ingredient of lemon in their formulas. Beware, however, brown hair: if you adopt the same technique you might find yourself red-haired carrot!


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