My dad is not my father

They are all there, but do not know! They do not know how difficult it is to get well. How difficult it is to do "as if". My problem is not exceptional: I learned at the age of 25 that my dad was not my father. That father, the real one, died practically at the age when I learned ... It's hard. Once I knew, I made some overlaps, little packages: "Ah, that's why she told me that at that time!

How to channel my anger against my children?

How to channel my anger against my children? Whenever one of my children makes a mistake, I react excessively, screaming and getting angry. I release at that moment a negative and destructive energy. To punish them, I even make emotional blackmail: "If you continue to get upset, you will stay on Wednesday afternoon at school: I do not come to get you any more".

Your dream decrypted: I see a woman in black

Every month, Tobie Nathan, a professor of psychology and ethnopsychiatry, decrypts your nocturnal images. Tobie Nathan Isabelle Taubes Angélique's Dream, 36 "I'm in the house of my childhood, I see a lady by the window, I know it's I'm not afraid, she's all dressed in black, long dress and veil, I can not see her face, not even her eyes or her mouth, hidden by slices of tissue.

Elisabeth Roudinesco: Hatred of thought is everywhere

Historian of psychoanalysis, Elisabeth Roudinesco is one of the fights against those who target this discipline. After months of conflict with Michel Onfray and his Twilight of an idol , she receives us at home, for a more intimate and quieter discussion. Anne-Laure Gannac Psychologies: How are you after these months of battle in the Onfray affair?

Method: Sensitive Gestalt Massage

Thanks to this technique, Catherine, 42, has made contact with her body. She was able to bring out deeply buried memories and get rid of an old sadness. Erik Pigani "I am very attentive to the way people walk, stand, shake hands and speak.As soon as Catherine came in, I noticed she was like" compressed " I immediately wondered what event in her life had touched her so much, "recalls Ulla Bandelow, co-creator of Sensitive Gestalt Massage (SGM) and founder of the French Institute of Psycho-corpora